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ITC Investment & Technology Group  

The company

ITC is a holding company, with activities in the following areas:

1. Petroleum
2. Electricity
3. Water treatment
4. Telecommunications
5. Healthcare
6. Infrastructure development - construction
7. General trade

ITC is a company registered in UK and Baghdad, Iraq under the Iraqi Companies Regulation Act. Its activities are focused in the telecommunications sector, providing services for the Iraqi ministries of telecommunications, housing and trade.

Our group vision
- We will be the leading local Iraqi group in the reconstruction of Iraq. We will achieve this by teaming up with major multinational companies who are world leaders in each field of our activities.
- We will only work with companies who share our values of high ethical and moral standards.
- We will supply our customers with quality products and services.

Mr. Fadil Mosawi – Managing Director – Masters Degree Engineering, PHD Business Management
Mr Safa Al-khorsan

The two partners in the company are international businessmen with the following achievements:
1. Managing successfully six real estate and development companies in the UK
2. Managing successfully four trading companies in Lebanon, Jordan and UAE
3. Achievement of $60 million projects in Iraq
4. Worldwide network and strong contact with decision makers in Iraq

The group is 100 per cent owned by Iraqi nationals successful in international business and with a history of opposition to the previous regime in Iraq. Group founders hold British and US nationality also.

HSBC, Natwest UK
Lebanon Credit Bank
Jordanian National Bank – Private banking department
Abu Dhabi National Bank
Iraq Central Bank, Rafidean Bank, Babel Bank (in Iraq)

ITC has won the bellow tenders (value $61 M) for its partners over the last few months:
1. Tender cable accessories awarded to Tyco Electronics US
2. Tender cable accessories awarded to Tyco Electronics US
3. Tender copper cable accessories awarded to Tyco Electronics US
4. Tender SDH - Nortel
5. Tender Billing System - Lucent - US
6. ICMC Building – fully construction with LAN system - $6 million – through PCO
7. UNICEF Building - fully construction
8. DORA – complete construction project 120,000 square metres

ITC is one of the first companies has been awarded VSAT license in Iraq. ITC has submitted an offer for Microwave system with a US partner. We operate as agents for Tyco, Nortel, Tellabs, IPX Voice, Vinsun, Mogbal Construction, Murr Construction and other companies and distributors in Iraq.

The agreements we sign with any company as per our policy is to be their soul agent in Iraq for all their activities as we are confident and committed to provide the best services for our partners.

Financial capacity
We are able to manage, support and finance small and large projects from $0.5 million to $50 million.
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