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Intertek Caleb Brett - 'Services for the petroleum, chemical and agricultural industries'

Intertek Caleb Brett: Global services

Intertek Caleb Brett is a global company with operations in Iraq, the Gulf and the Middle East region. We offer independent inspection and testing of high-value cargo and inventories involved in custody transfer transactions. Our services help ensure that the financial trade interests of our clients are protected. Inspectors, surveyors and laboratory technicians measure, test and verify product quantity and quality for custody transfer and inventory requirements.

Commodities inspected and tested on a global basis include crude oil, refined petroleum products, petrochemicals, fertilisers, industrial gases, LNG, LPG, agricultural products and more. Inspectors survey and sample products within bulk storage tanks, tankers, cargo ships, barges, shore storage and transfer facilities, railcars and warehouses. Laboratory staff follow industry and regulatory test methods to obtain accurate and repeatable results.

The Middle East and the Gulf

Intertek Caleb Brett operates an extensive network of laboratories and field inspection offices throughout the region. Nations where Intertek operates include Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Yemen, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt and many more. Our personnel work in Iraq servicing our clients with project coordination based in Kuwait. Our services are available 24/7.

Laboratory capabilities

Intertek Caleb Brett has the most extensive analytical product testing laboratory network in the region. Our laboratories offer a full range of testing capabilities to serve the petroleum and chemical industries, from exploration and production to refining and transportation. Expertise ranges from complicated assay analysis of complex hydrocarbons to standardised quality tests. Backing up the regional laboratories is our global laboratory network, offering further capabilities and experience. Our network of laboratories and offices now serve over 117 nations.

Laboratory outsourcing

Intertek Caleb Brett is the world leader in working with major clients to successfully outsource their costly in-house laboratory services while improving service and quality for a lower total cost. We know how to develop a true win-win solution for our client and their employees. We bring expertise, planning, technical capabilities and financial resources into the solution.

Offering services and solutions to clients in Iraq

Intertek Caleb Brett is your reliable resource for testing and inspection services in the Middle East. We've had a strong presence in the region for decades.

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