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Inkoa Sistemas    

Inkoa Sistemas is an engineering and consultancy company specialised in supplying integral solutions directed to the agro-food sector. Since its beginnings, more than 15 years ago, Inkoa has followed a strategy of expansion, diversification and technological innovation that it has brought about the creation of a group of companies, which are present in the agro-food and environmental sectors in the international sphere.

The solutions contributed by Inkoa start from the prior studies up to the introduction and start up of the projects, including the elaboration of the preliminary designs and technical projects, technical management, introduction and management of the installations, as well as the training and technical help.

Inkoa has developed its activities mainly in the European Union, Latin America and Asia.

Inkoa has offices in every region where its projects are developed, with permanent representation through branches and commercial delegations in Madrid, Shanghai, Budapest, Bucharest, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and São Paulo.


- Rural integral development of the plain located between Yellow River and Zhanghe river in the Hebei province, China
- Alfalfa processing line in Guingyang Luxin, China
- High technology greenhouses: engineering, supply and installation in the province of Chongqing, China
- Garden centre: designing and construction of greenhouses in Zalla, Spain
- Plant protection project: six plant growth chambers – phytotrons in the CSPPSC of Budapest, Hungary
- Research glasshouse for plant protection studies in Ghana university, Ghana
- Biological research facilities improvement project for UPV University, Spain
- Greenhouses for ornamental plant productions in Spain
- Design and installation of high tech research greenhouses for transgenic plant cultivation in Romania
- Elaboration of the reforestation program for 260.000 ha in the county of Hubei, China
- Technical assistance and elaboration of the project for rural development of the Andean area of Chile
- Project for the development of automatic systems for the integral traceability of livestock and meat products, based on electronic identification and systems of information in Brazil
- Development of an agro-climate variable control and monitoring system for the predictive risk assessment in agriculture and crop production
- Design of research system for cultivation of new horticultural species
- Project for the rural development of 120 ha in Sichuan China
- Project for the forest development in semi-arid areas of the Canary Islands, Spain
- Design of the integral traceability system for the ovine livestock of the Basque country. Spain
- Study and design of research system for the cultivation of new horticultural species
- Project for the development of subtropical crops with the geothermal energy in Atlantic climate areas (Azores Islands) of Portugal
- Development of procedures and methodology to guarantee the security of the technological processes in slaughterhouses and cutting plants by means of the establishment of an automated HACCP, Spain

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