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Hydrotec Technologies    

Hydrotec has established itself to one of the world’s leading producers of drainage and supply technology. Through our 35 years experience we broadened our business in and outside of the European borders. Our products are controlled and checked in accordance with current international standards by internationally accredited test laboratories. HYDROTEC holds full EN ISO 9001 certification in all fields. Our products are made of ductile iron (DIN EN 1563, EN-GJS 400-15 to 500-7) as well as grey cast iron (DIN EN 1563, EN GJL 100 to 300).

Full service as a standard

In accordance with our company policy of supplying everything from one source, we offer our partners a full service.

- Sewer castings: such as manhole covers and gratings, for round and square shafts, from A15 till F900, DIN EN 124, as well as dirt catchers and buckets
- Drainage channels: a complete, extensive programme of channels, 100 / 150 / 200 / 300 dia., form A15 till F900, DIN EN 1433
- Gas/water supply: such as surface boxes for water and gas supply


With the most modern techniques in our development department, a high safety standard is guaranteed and product innovation, such as installation and locking mechanisms are made possible.

The behaviour of the products under structural load conditions are tested with an "FEA" simulation programme.

The results of a simulation gives an insight into the stability of the properties of the part and makes it possible to undertake an optimisation during development.

During the development of new manhole covers further possibilities are being discovered in the area of locking devices, especially in ductile iron, taking into consideration the ever increasing importance of the question of ergonomics and employee/user comfort.

The demands of ever increasing traffic and the necessity of traffic safety are especially considered.

The demands of the communities for low maintenance manhole covers, safety during inspection and protection against vandalism and theft are also considered and are of high priority.

The demands of the customers are the demands we put on our products!

Product information


Ductile cast iron
Cast iron with spherical graphite (GGG) in accordance with the German and European DIN EN 1563, EN-GJS 400-15 to 500-7 standards.

With the advantage of easy handling, ergonomics, the versatility of locking devices i.e. with a self locking spring loaded device.

Grey iron
Cast iron with flake graphite (GG) in accordance with the German and European DIN EN 1561, EN-GJL 100 to 300 standards.

Different systems minimise noise and relieve the shaft of spring rebound through the counter-reaction of the dynamic load i.e. high abrasion stability, long life polychloroprene padding according to the German 53505 standard.

Quality control/assurance

Our products are controlled and checked under the current international standards.

Internal control/external control under European 124 & German 19585 standards

The institute responsible for material testing in Bremen (possessing a GS ES 45001 accredited testing laboratory)

The trial and research institute for building techniques in Salzburg, Austria (EU accredited institute for the construction and building industry)

- Quality of concrete
Quality concrete and finished parts, northern society certification

- Quality management ISO 9001

Austrian accredited standards institute

With this quality certificate we guarantee the high quality level of our products and undertake a guarantee of 5 million EURO for ten years.

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