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Hill & Associates  

Hill & Associates (H&A) combines local knowledge and access with professional expertise as a leading provider of security services in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Our experience and connections enable us to offer a comprehensive range of risk management and protective services to mitigate the current threats unique to Iraq. Our Middle East regional headquarters in Dubai provides us with an ideally located regional hub from where we can coordinate operations, not just in Iraq but throughout the entire Middle East region. We draw upon skilled resources - from both local and international networks - of proven integrity that are available at short notice to support on-the-ground operations.

H&A is world-renowned for providing high-level professional executive protection and facilitation support services, and has been actively engaged in the provision of full-time risk management services, protective security coverage and advice to personnel from multinational corporations operating within Iraq, as well as other high-risk areas such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Turkey.

The H&A management and operational team in Iraq have been carefully selected for their professional backgrounds and specialist experience as they relate to the specific operational requirements in the country. Our highly professional team includes personnel from specialist police and military units with in-depth experience and training in intelligence collection, counter-terrorism and the protection of personnel in high-risk environments.

Our philosophy is to provide a discreet and professional service commensurate with the perceived threat. Our strength in this field lies in the professional experience and proven integrity of our personnel. We are able to offer our clients a comprehensive and proactive solution to best meet their individual security needs. Our detailed planning and appropriate deployments provide a reassuring buffer zone for the client, facilitating safer and smoother movement throughout the country.

Iraq-specific experience

H&A has been operating in Iraq since June 2003, providing protective security and risk management services in support of a variety of multinationals involved in the rebuilding of the national infrastructure and or to meet influential members of the CPA and Interim Iraqi Governing Council.

As part of our continued commitment to offer a premium service, H&A has undertaken the following:
- Formally registered as a protective security provider with the US State Department and Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA)
- Obtained CPA permission to carry weapons in-country
- Gained access to a wide range of vehicles, from low-profile armoured and non-armoured saloon cars to more high profile armoured and non-armoured 4x4s
- Retained a cadre of former expatriate special forces personnel with protective security expertise, coupled with experience of operating in the Middle East
- Recruited and screened Middle Eastern special forces personnel with local knowledge to act as drivers and liaison officers, all of whom speak Arabic and have a good understanding of English
- Maintained a permanent cache of weapons, ammunition, radio/satellite communications, body armour and medical equipment in-country needed to support all our operational requirements

Strategic approach

Hill & Associates advocates a strategic approach to risk management and security. To adequately protect a company’s hard and soft assets enterprise-wide, a risk management strategy must be aligned with the overall business drivers and strategic objectives. It should provide the company with a competitive advantage in that it adds flexibility and bolsters resiliency to the company’s operations and aspirations. Hill & Associates is one of the world’s few firms able to provide this level of consultative advice coupled with the integrated, in-house resources needed to deploy the strategy at a tactical level. Our strategic and integrated approach is favoured by some of the world’s largest corporations, operating in diverse and difficult markets around the world.

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