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When it comes to business travel, companies understandably place a high degree of importance on choosing travel suppliers that are efficient, reliable and offer a high quality of service. It is not surprising then that when it comes to car rental, the first name that springs to mind is Hertz, a company synonymous with these virtues.

Hertz, the world's largest car rental company, was first established back in 1918 in Chicago, USA. Since then Hertz has developed and evolved into the multinational success that it is today with more than 7,000 branches in over 150 countries worldwide.

One of the worlds leading brands, Hertz is well known throughout the world as a company offering competitive rates on a wide variety of cars for any purpose. Whether a renter wants a single day, a weekend away or longer, Hertz prides itself on being able to meet their requirements with a vehicle to suit.

As well as the basic car rental service, Hertz adds value for its customers by offering the very highest level of customer service and efficiency. Schemes such as the Hertz #1 Club, products like Neverlost and the convenience of online booking play a significant part in giving customers the very best car rental experience.

#1 Club Gold
Launched in Europe in 1992, Hertz #1 Club Gold is a premium, time-saving enrolment service which has been designed to give customers both the level of service they expect and the convenience they demand. Removing the need to complete and sign a new rental agreement every time they rent a vehicle speeds up the entire car rental process for frequent travellers.

The customer simply completes a one-off master rental agreement which applies worldwide, providing all the information needed for the rental. When a booking is made, the only information required is the #1 Club Gold membership number along with details of when and where a car is desired.

Online booking
Customers who have access to the Internet can now make booking car rental even easier and more convenient. Simply log onto , or any of the European Hertz websites, enter in your requirements, and a booking is made - no need to call anyone, sign anything or even leave your desk!

To assist in the rental process the website contains all the relevant information on helping the renter make their booking, including photographs of the cars on fleet to aid accurate selection.

Hertz is also the first car rental firm to launch Internet websites in five different languages including English, French, German Italian and Spanish. Non-English speakers are able to access any Hertz website and then switch to their preferred language.

As well as car rental, visitors to the Hertz site can also find out more about the company, its products and its services. Numerous informative and interesting sections cover how to contact customer services, investor and financial information, job vacancies and comprehensive corporate information about other Hertz companies.

Hertz and Thales Navigation have formed an exclusive joint venture to oversee the expansion and operation of Hertz' popular vehicle navigation system "NeverLost" in rental cars throughout the USA and Canada.

The systems, which use "next generation" navigational technology, can be operated in seven different languages - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Dutch - and allow customers to input a local street address or choose from a range of pre-loaded destinations such as hotels, airports and other points of interest.

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