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Global Trade Links    

Global Trade Links is a well established regional trading company being a general supplier to the oil and gas industry as well as other industrial, agricultural and medical sectors, including water authorities, municipalities, airport authorities and others, extending our services to our clients through our offices in Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Dubai/UAE.

We are familiar with the requirements of the various industries and Service sectors, hence have numerous working arrangements with many manufacturers from all over the world supplying Equipment, spare parts and engineering and consultancy services.

Industrial and electro mechanical
Pumps – All types, sizes and purposes from simple agricultural pumps to the extremely complex crude oil pumping units/stations.
Industrial compressors, gas turbines, steam turbines, generating sets, blowers and axial fans, electronic equipment, pipes, fittings valves, expansion joints and accessories, switches and gauges, flow monitoring and control, oil reservoir/tank radar systems, cable connectors and glands, mobile cranes, forklifts, gears and drive systems, couplings and various other mechanical and electronic equipment and spare parts for existing equipment.
Highly specialised oil free water injected compressors for the high tech, food and medical applications.

Surgical tools (medical and dental), surgical implants, operating theatre lights, medical equipment, CO2 surgical lasers, electro-surgical units, bone reconstructive surgical tools and plates (facial, hand, foot, bone), dental implant systems, dental laboratory equipment and materials including precious metals and casting machines, complete line of Orthodontics including technical lab equipment and materials, medical disposables, hypodermic syringes, surgical aprons, gloves, masks, surgical hats, shoe covers, uniforms, dental needles, clinical thermometers, bandages, gauze and many other items.

Telecoms: Various project and supply capabilities

Aviation: Aircraft leasing, chartering, buying and selling, aircraft spare parts, overhauling and maintenance.

Agricultural projects, soil rehabilitation, special organic fertilizers and pest controls, project planning and management, consultancy.

BB-Products: Veterinary natural plant extract feed additives for poultry and animals, giving protection against many viral diseases including BSE/Mad Cow Disease, Foot & Mouth and the many viral diseases that are concurrent in poultry farming.

Food supplies
Canned mushrooms, tuna fish, soya beans and others.
Salt and vitamin enriched biscuits for school children and malnourished children

Sugar, rice and Wheat.

Construction and contracting
Construction consultants and mediators.
Prefabricated buildings for emergency relocation/campsite projects.

Various other supply capabilities
Specialised furniture for schools, colleges, hospitals and offices.
Air-conditioning systems for homes and industry.

KATO (Japan) mobile cranes from 10 to 160 tons.
TCM (Japan) forklifts from 1 ton to the giant 50 ton container stacker.
TCM (Japan) loaders and excavators.

Crude oil and oil derivatives, Urea, Bitumen and Copper contracts.
Lubricating oils: industrial, automotive and domestic.
ISOPur lubricant oil purification and filtering systems.
Fuel additive, refinery chemicals and base oils.
Drilling fluid chemicals.
Portland cement.

Industrial, automotive, aviation and marine batteries (Lead Acid and NiCad).
UPS systems, relays, inverters, converters, transformers.

Pipes, piping, fittings and accessories for crude oil, water, wastewater (Ductile Iron) and Chemical process applications.

Water treatment and purification plants with filtration units/UV & RO systems for both domestic and industrial use.
Industrial and boiler water treatment chemicals.

Slaughter houses and meat processing plants.

New and used generator sets (20KVA up to 25MGW) available for immediate delivery.

Our association is with manufacturers and suppliers originating from the USA, UK, Japan, Europe, Russia, India and Pakistan, China, Taiwan, Korea and other countries.

We have supplied the various Iraqi industries with equipment, spare parts and engineering services under the MOU programme and are familiar with the existing equipment and their requirements.
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