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GRBC Group    

GRBC Group was founded in May 2005 in Finland. The company is specialised in providing services for private companies, diplomats and other professionals whose work takes them to hostile and volatile regions.

Our method

Qualifying only the most experienced and motivated former US and UK Military Forces members for its team, GRBC Group can ensure the best possible service for clients.

Risk solutions

GRBC Group’s risk services contain:

- Security assessments and audits
- Crisis and emergency planning
- Travel security
- Security management

Training solutions

No matter if it is case to provide short term training for small civil group or long term special training for military or law enforcement troops, GRBC Group can provide high quality and very rewarding training.

Our training solutions contain:

- Emergency response training
- Iraq security threat briefing
- Custom designed training

Turn-key business solutions

GRBC Group can provide complete business solutions for businesses on their way doing business in hostile and volatile regions.

- Commercial real estate
- Business partner search up
- Background checking
- Business negotiation and meeting arrangements
- Qualified local work force
- Transportation and logistics
- Full service accommodation

GRBC Group and Iraqi reconstruction

For Iraqi reconstruction issues, GRBC Group can provide highly professional personnel security details (PSD) for private companies, diplomats and professionals who needs to work in Iraq soil. Each client is unique for us, which why we provide only case sensitive protection solutions. For PSD mission GRBC Group can provide mixture of Former US, UK Special Forces members and thoroughly vetted and trained local security force.

Our protection solutions contain:
- High risk executive protection
- Security escorts
- Diplomatic protection
- Special event protection
- Reconnaissance teams

For more information, please visit our website:
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