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Global Risk Training Ltd    

Since its incorporation, the Global Risk group have strived to be the leaders in international risk management. With an ever-increasing threat to international security and industrial espionage, Global Risk takes a more bespoke approach, providing a comprehensive, tailor-made service without compromising the integrity, professionalism and confidentiality that you have come to expect from Global Risk.

Our company comprises of two main areas of operations:

Counter Terrorist Training Division

Counter Terrorist operations have now amalgamated into conventional operations and now form a crucial part in conflicts worldwide. The international terrorist has huge resources and technical knowledge available which has not been available in the early years of the terrorist evolution. They have been well trained by organisations and states sympathetic to their cause; they also have been provided with a wider range of modern weaponry.

If a nation wishes to counter this threat to their sovereignty they require a Counter Terrorist capability that is both credible and comprehensive. This will provide a deterrent and a Law Enforcement Unit that can deal with the multitude of threats that now hang over the stability of many countries.

Global Risk Training Ltd offers a range of law enforcement courses; all the training programmes are not set in stone and have room for adjustment and modification, but a foundation of key skills that assist Global Risk to tailor the course that suits the client’s operational needs. Once the specific course / training programme has been constructed this will be presented to the clients for their final approval.

All training conducted by Global’s Counter Terrorist Training instructors is concurrent and modified to stay one step ahead of the international terrorist and criminal.

Procurement Section

The Procurement section comprises of skilled and experience in-house staff with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise available to assist with our clients’ logistical requirements. We are able to assist not only with law enforcement and military supplies but also with any procurement requirements you may have.

Our previous experience includes supply to UK MOD, UN field missions, US forces, NGOs and various private security companies operating in high-risk hostile environments. As well as our supply chain experience, we also have project management, construction and field office management experience internationally including the Balkans, Afghanistan and the Middle East. Our clients have operations within sixty three countries world wide, some of which have very poor communications and minimal logistical infrastructure; as such they appreciate the thorough and reliable service that Global Risk are accustomed to delivering.

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