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Global Beam Communications    

Global Beam Communications is a leading full service Internet via satellite provider utilising state of the art technologies to bring the Internet more efficiently to Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Global Beam was formed in 2000 to provide integrated convergent communication solutions for high bandwidth Internet access. Global Beam specialises in providing Global Internet connectivity to ISPs, PTTs, Enterprise, SME and home users.

Global Beam owns and manages a state of the art satellite - based network for ISP backbone connectivity, value-added services and IP multicasting.

Using its network of leased satellite and fiber facilities, Global Beam is able to provide high speed Internet access virtually to all of Africa, The Middle East, Indian Peninsula, and Europe, with speeds of up to 155 Mbps.

Backbone connectivity

Global Beam has satellite Gateways in Aflenz teleport in Austria with Telekom Austria, Our Gateways each have redundant connections to the Internet Backbone, In Aflenz teleport we have, 2 redundant STM-1 Connections to the internet backbone with Telekom Austria through Tier 1 IP providers UUNET and Level 3.

As Global Beam is an Internet company, we know the needs and requirements of ISPs and PTTs. Therefore, we offer multiple satellite and backbone providers in our network. This insures our customers with a reliable service that is less susceptible to outages of sole-sourced networks.


Global Beam operates the most robust and powerful satellite distribution platforms. Our services include but are not limited to:

• C band satellite connectivity
• Ku band satellite connectivity
• Station Kept and Inclined Orbit Satellites
• IP backbone connectivity from 128Kbps to 155Mbps
• Space segments
• VoIP (Voice ove r IP) and VSAT services

Geographic area of deployment

Global Beam's Footprint covers Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East:

1. Newskies NSS6 KU Band Coverage Satellite for Duplex services available to Middle East and North Africa
2. Hellas sat KU Band Coverage Satellite for simplex services available to Europe, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent
3. Panamsat - 4 C Band Coverage Satellite for simplex services service available to Sub -Saharan Africa

Global Beam Internet Access

Global Beam satellite service is customized to meet your bandwidth requirements. The service comes complete with a bandwidth management system that provides detailed usage reports and allows Global Beam to manage your service better than anyone in the industry can.

Global Beam Service benefits include:

• Installed in a very short period of time
• Easy to upgrade
• Easily implemented in multiple sites
• Guarantees bandwidth with a 1:1 ratio from the Internet backbone
• Guarantees redundancy by a network of multiple backbone connections

Global Beam services are available in dedicated bandwidth from 64 Kbps through 155 Mbps, and in burstable variations with Committed Information Rates (CIR). All dedicated rates and CIRs are guaranteed. Global Beam service is delivered in simplex service. Service backbone connectivity is backed by Global Beam’s expertise in satellite communications and IP networking.

Global Beam Communications Technical Support

Our technical firm has 24-hour 7 days support, fully redundant facilities, and UPS and generator backup. Our Operations Department has satellite, IP and routing specialists to help you with your routing setup and provide you with either Static or GRE Tunneling routing.

At our NOC, Global Beam's technical staff is able to monitor the status of all of our international satellite links, and the performance and bandwidth utilization of each customer’s link, with the ability to make any necessary adjustments with regards to our global network.


In summary, Global Beam Communications is confident that we have the best technical expert ise to satisfy your company's bandwidth requirements.

We have shown the needed responsiveness and attention that all our customers enjoy and have shown the ability to meet all challenges immediately. Our engineering expertise in satellite communications and IP networking have enabled us to be in the forefront of providing Internet via satellite to customers in The Middle East and Africa.

For more information, please visit our website:
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