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Genric is a leading independent specialist security and medical consultancy company with a global reputation and a proactive approach. Genric has a holistic approach which provides turn key solutions to individual business needs through its experience, expertise, capability, reliability, and quality. Genric operates in high-risk areas, integrating the service provided into budgetary and local cultural needs.


Genric’s business is the provision of corporate security and medical services to ensure the protection of personnel and assets. Our business falls into two main areas; the physical provision of services, and the provision of training.

Physical services include:

- Risk assessment
- Security management
- Policies
- Evacuation
- General security guidelines
- Kidnap and ransom
- Crisis management
- Personnel, asset and property protection
- Convoy protection
- Close protection
- Site security protection
- Occupational health
- Remote medical primary healthcare clinics
- Medical staff

Training services include:

- Close protection
- Defensive driving
- Surveillance
- Kidnap and ransom
- Crisis management
- Biochemical defence
- Hostile environment
- Counter terrorism
- Hygiene for the traveller
- Medical first aid
- Medical trauma, basic and advanced levels

Tasking and training is provided by operatives and instructors who have an appropriate level of recognised qualifications and experience. Our consultants come from a wide variety of backgrounds including British and foreign national special forces, police, fire and medical services. All of our consultants are experts in their own field.

The high risks involved with any threat demand that the selection and training of our personnel is of the very highest level. All employees have completed an extensive range of courses, a synopsis of these courses relates to security management, security surveying, close protection tasks, nursing, paramedics working either as individuals or part of a team.

The expertise and experience of the management team and our employees allows Genric to provide resources in the forefront of a leading security and medical organisation with the capability to operate at all levels of management.


The aim of the management team is to provide the company’s services in a manner which conforms to all applicable national statutory regulations and the contractual and regulatory requirements of the client.

As part of our management strategy we operate a duty of care policy throughout all levels of our business, to the client, the consultants and to third party employees.

Our aim is a professional client service based inclusion and involvement with the client's project. The full involvement of all our personnel is a basic need and central to our success. Our people are our source of strength and this is maintained through involvement, teamwork and individual growth.

Market position

Genric’s considerable depth of experience in the military and commercial spheres worldwide helps us prepare clients for regions and cultures they are unfamiliar with, helping to predict possible events, put into place procedures, reduce risk, and maximise opportunity.

Genric’s service will benefit management, those in support roles, and more importantly, those on the ground. Armed with these skills and services clients will benefit from a reduction in risk with a consequent reduction in possible corporate litigation and benefit from improved staff and asset security with a possible increase in productivity.

Data security

The client’s right to privacy and data security are of primary concern to Genric. We maintain control over your data sent over the Internet. Genric will not disclose client’s private and confidential information to any outside organisation unless permission is given by the client.

Corporate clientele

Genric is proud to have provided services to a broad spectrum of clients around the world. Our client list includes large multinational organisations, in both the public and private sectors, and extends through the business spectrum to individual private citizens.

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