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Gator Global Services    

Gator Global Services was established in 2003. We are based in the UK and operate globally to provide security solutions to government organisations, media, non-government organisations, contractors, government officials and indeed any high profile persons who in the course of their business are exposed to potential threats either to themselves or their colleagues.

We are able to offer our clients a wide range of knowledge and experience in the latest equipment and techniques currently being used by British Special Forces and other NATO Special Force units today.

We offer sales of new and used armoured vehicles (SUVs – saloons), soft skin vehicles, 4x4s, ambulances and trucks. Our armoured vehicles are made to your specifications, including used saloons, armoured to be more covert in appearance. Along with ballistic jackets, covert vests, press vests, ballistic helmets, outdoor clothing and equipment, we also provide outdoor clothing and medical equipment to the media, NGOs, construction companies and security companies.

Gator Global Services provide a comprehensive range of security solutions, customised armoured vehicles and support equipment; EOD equipment, chemical clothing/equipment, and medical equipment to global communications.

We can also provide homeland/marine security including ship, seabed searches in harbour or at anchor, anti-piracy and on/offshore installation security including recovery. We pride ourselves on our expertise and the quality of service that we provide to our clients, whatever your security needs; please feel free to discuss them with us in total confidence.


Gator Global Services recognise the need for complete client confidentiality and discretion, we are well equipped to ensure that all client information is secure and only viewed by authorised personnel, all activities undertaken on behalf of a client is under the strictest of confidence.

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