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Global Arabian for Modern Application Ltd  

Global Arabian for Modern Application Ltd is considered as a pioneer in the field of IT industry. Creativity, honesty, and integrity are our most important differentiation attributes. Looking forward to expand its activities and services to reach all Middle East markets by utilising advanced equipment and systems, as well as, attracting the best creative Experts. It's also doing its best efforts for improvement and development to keep up with the latest market trends. The premier aim is exploitation of information technology to ensure full success and optimum growth rates for the businesses of its customers.


Information is a basic factor to achieve success of developed business depending on how to avail this information according to the fast flourish of information technology. It became a necessity and responsibility of field concerned people to keep them up with advancement and changes to achieve the best profit.


Sharing to improve and develop the infrastructure of e-government and e-business for both private and public sectors to improve their services according to international standered by continuous search for international information systems to develop and grow.

Network solutions

Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Wireless,VPN, IP Telephony, SAN/NAS

Government integrated solutions
- Procurement system
- Financial system
- Archiving system
- Payroll system
- Payment system
- In/out system

Integrated solutions for commercial sector
- Car rental system
- Telephone billing system
- Hotel accounting system
- Vehicles workshop system
- Archiving system
- In/out system


High quality service consistent with our customers' needs is a natural result of our credence of specialisation principle.

1. Technical consultations
2. Operation and maintenance
3. Installation services
4. Technical support centre
5. Training services

Developing and designing websites

It offers entire services which provide our customers with farther advantages on the internet, for instance:

- Domain name registration
- Email
- E-service
- E-government
- E-business

Umra Application Service Provider (UASP)
With great pride 'Global Arabian For Modern Application Ltd' was approved by the Ministry Of Hajj (MOH) in 1421 H to be one of the UASPs through which all Umra application procedures should be done.

Gaboul Ya Haj system

- Accuracy in operation management of Umra industry
- Fast electronic visas issuance
- Fast and accurate data transfer
- Reliable admin and financial reports
- Digital maps (Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah)
- Compatible with airline e-reservation
- Printing documents and reports

Gaboul Ya Haj

Gaboul Ya Haj is an economical coalition of Umra services staff because of its numerous services and valuable information which facilitate any task required by Umra Operators and their external agencies and all holy mosque visitors.

- The best packages of visit and Umra
- Legal opinion "Fatwa"
- Information about the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
- Airline e-reservation
- Gifts and souvenir

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