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Exploration Logistics Group plc    

Exploration Logistics Group Plc has been providing a range of support and logistical services to companies working in remote and hazardous locations for more than 17 years. We have undertaken projects in a variety of locations and conditions worldwide, which have enabled us to develop a wide range of technical and operational skills. Services range from project management, camp management, security, mine/uxo clearance, medical personnel, medical supplies and equipment, HSE support, driver training and steep terrain specialists.

The group consists of a number of divisions each providing a specialist service to its customers. These are:

Exploration Logistics

Exploration Logistics provides a range of support services including project management, camp management, and a wide range of logistical services to ensure that the client’s operations can be carried out without disturbance. Exploration Logistics provides a range of HSE support to the oil exploration and construction industries, including support personnel such as HSE Advisors working either as HSE QCs for the operator or hands on directly with the acquisition contractor. We also provide mountaineers or steep terrain specialists for assisting with seismic work. Our defensive driver training covers both on and off road driving. Our instructors are highly experienced and have completed many training programmes for the oil industry around the world.

Frontier Medical

Frontier Medical specialises in the provision of remote site medical support to companies involved in international operations and has supported operations worldwide since the early 1980s. Working in remote and hazards locations, our remote site medics have been placed on board seismic vessels, offshore rigs and in land-based clinics, in all terrains such as jungle, arctic and desert. Our highly qualified medical personnel are practised at working independently as well as being part of a team. The range of services that Frontier can provide includes health awareness initiatives, training programmes, consultancy and health care management. is a procurement facility that overcomes the problem of sourcing quality medical supplies in remote locations. They are a worldwide supplier of medical equipment, consumables and pharmaceuticals. Their website offers an online shopping facility, as well as many other features including a medical supplies list section which is excellent for the set up of a new medical facility or an audit of an existing one.

MineTech International

MineTech International are recognised as one of the world’s leading mine clearance contractors. With experience in mine detection and clearance, MineTech has unrivalled knowledge in the implementation and management of integrated mine clearance solutions. The service and support MineTech provides enables countries ravaged by years of conflict to rid themselves of the remnants of war, landmines and unexploded ordnance. Mine dogs are used for locating and pinpointing where a mine is positioned and also play an important part in verification and quality checking areas of cleared land. MineTech also has a range of flail machines that are utilised for ground preparation. This results in improved speed, efficiency, cost effectiveness and greater safety for manual clearers. Underwater explosive ordnance survey and disposal is also undertaken for the international offshore market.

MineTech Security

MineTech Security was developed as a result of MineTech International operating in many post conflict countries. MineTech Security develops protection strategies to suit each operational situation of organisations working in areas where there is a threat to the personnel. The military expertise and background of many of MineTech’s key personnel provide the security division with the proficiency required to offer a complete security service. MineTech Security also uses security dogs specifically trained and bred at the MineTech Dog School as part of the security team.
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