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Ex+med UK Ltd    

Ex+med UK Ltd is a UK based company registered in England and Wales that is providing medical support services to a number of organisations that are operating in remote and/or hostile areas around the world. The majority of these locations have no healthcare infrastructure, or where they have, the facilities are inadequate for the provision of the level of support required to enable their personnel to operate in those areas. These organisations have recognised that the provision of such support enables the healthcare needs their personnel to be met and reduces the need for unnecessary, expensive out of country repatriations.

Ex+med UK Ltd provide three pillars of service:
- Equipment
- Training
- In-country medical support

Working in overseas hostile and/or remote areas is a demanding challenge. When accidents and incidents occur having the right equipment to deal with the casualties is vital. Ex+med UK supply equipment to a number of security companies currently operating close protection teams in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ex+med UK can supply equipment from the smallest individual packs through to equipping a complete onsite medical centre with portable containers, tailored to your specific requirements. We continually research the medical equipment market and source or develop the most appropriate items for the task. All our equipment has been evaluated in remote environments and is designed to withstand the demands placed upon it.

Through many years of experience and by continuously re-evaluating our operations Ex+med UK have developed training programmes that develop the knowledge and skills required for personnel to work with confidence in remote and hostile areas. This provides them with the confidence that if an incident or accident occurs, that they have the training and skills to manage it and provide the immediate life saving treatment to the injured or sick. At our facility in Hereford (UK) we have dedicated training rooms for road traffic collision management, collapsed building rescue, environment rooms for desert and jungle, urban training rooms and 30 acres of woodland. This unique facility enables us to deliver the highest quality realistic training. Our training teams remain active by supporting missions such as in Afghanistan and are experienced in training to both healthcare professionals and lay personnel.

In-country medical support
Ex+med UK Ltd has established an excellent reputation from supporting projects and organisations in hostile and remote areas with bespoke pre-hospital medical support services. We can offer our clients a range of options, based around the following capabilities:

- Healthcare: Acute medical and trauma support to project personnel. Our own medical personnel come equipped with all necessary trauma and acute medical care capabilities, which can include a portable medical centre pack that will provide for a whole range of routine primary health problems and is delivered as a ‘sick call’ service.
- Communication: Communications provided via local GSM and satellite units.
- Telemedicine: Notebook type computer and digital camera that are web connectable via B-GAN portable satellite equipment. Information can be transmitted to our UK based Doctors who provide an on-line consultation capability.

Our medical personnel are fully insured for operations in remote and hostile areas of the world.

- Providing in-country medical support enables the client to maintain a healthy workforce and meet its duty of care to them.
- By employing medical protocols that are benchmarked against known standards Ex+med UK Ltd provide the client with the confidence that healthcare is being provided to a high standard.
- All equipment provided is operated and maintained throughout its life by Ex+med UK and relieves the client of this burden.
- Through liaison with other specialist medical evacuation providers, Ex+med UK personnel can advise on the necessity of evacuation and the most appropriate means of doing so, thus avoiding unnecessary and expensive repatriations.
- Organisations who provide a comprehensive medical service to their staff may be able to reduce their insurance premiums.
- Provision of appropriate healthcare potentially reduces the litigation risk where the organisation is deemed to have a legal duty of care to its personnel.

Ex+med UK Ltd is a company with a proven track record in the provision of remote and hostile are medical support worldwide. The unique combination of high quality training, bespoke equipment supply, and high quality operationally deployable manpower, provides our clients with unrivalled medical support services.

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