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Emergency Response Services (ERS) Ltd  

Emergency Response Services (ERS) Ltd is a UK registered company delivering specialist rescue, medical and search & recovery services. ERS has been formed to allow its clients to operate safely and effectively in remote and hostile environments..


ERS offer the following services:

- Consultancy
- Operational Rescue & Medical Support
- Training
- Equipment Supply


The skills and experience of ERS staff allow them to carry out audits and develop safe working practices for our clients, this service includes:

- Risk and COSHH sssessments
- Review and development of training strategies
- Review and development of equipment scales
- Production of standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Operational rescue and medical support

Uniquely ERS can combine its operational rescue and medical support into a single package ensuring a seamless approach to casualty management. Some of the skills our rescue technicians are able to offer are:

- Road traffic collision cover
- Line access/rescue cover
- Collapsed structure and confined space rescue cover
- Breathing apparatus cover
- On water and underwater safety cover

It is vital to ensure the health and well being of in country staff, ERS have a wealth of experience around the world at delivering this care. We are able to provide medical staff that can establish and manage primary healthcare clinics, and emergency response technicians who can operate forward of such a facility to provide the immediate care of a casualty. Further medical care includes worldwide medical repatriation, occupational and routine medicals and telemedicine links back to our UK medical staff.

Search and recovery

With extensive experience at supporting the UK Police Service and HM Customs we are able to offer a comprehensive search and recovery service. Our search teams can be deployed both on land and underwater. Having undergone forensic awareness training by the UK Forensic Science Service we are able to conduct searches in situations that may be criminal or terrorist in nature.

Some of the assets we have available for search and recovery operations are:

Commercially trained divers
Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
Side scan sonar (SSS)
Remote operated vehicles (ROVs)


We offer a range of certified rescue and medical training courses. Our courses are approved by organisations such The Health and Safety Executive and The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. We are able to deliver these courses in the UK or at any location worldwide to suit the needs of the clients.

Our courses include:

- Line access/rescue
- Confined space access/rescue
- Vehicle extrication
- Breathing apparatus
- First aid
- Advanced first aid
- Emergency responder
- Shock advisory defibrillation
- Travel medicine

Equipment supply

ERS supply a vast range of rescue and medical equipment, specially selected for its appropriateness for the task. All of the equipment we supply is rigorously tested in operational environments to ensure its suitability and capability. We can supply medical packs ranging from individual kits through to equipping a fully operational clinic.

For more information, please visit our website:
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