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Entrac Petroleum Ltd - Knowledge Transfer Experts

Consultancy and training in oilwell drilling, casing design, well engineering, reservoir engineering and geology.

Our list of services include:

- Supply of drilling equipment and mud products
- Provision of drilling and petroleum engineering consultancy
- Offset well analysis
- Provision of drilling and petroleum engineering consultants
- Well design programme preparation
- Bids analysis
- Design of complex wells, including HPHT wells, high H2S wells, wells requiring duplex or Incoloy steel, horizontal and multilateral wells
- Well trouble shooting
- Technical evaluation of problem wells
- Casing collapse problems
- Buckling problems
- Wellhead growth
- Trapped annulus pressure
- Casing wear problems and repair of casing
- Hole instability problems
- Hole instability in horizontal and multilateral wells
- Reservoir drilling and drilling compatibility problems
- Well completion trouble shooting
- Technical writing of drilling standards
- Well verification and certification
- Training in all aspects of the oil industry
- Provision of oilfield equipment

Equipment and materials will be provided through the use of third parties. Typical equipment provided includes:

- Drillpipe, drillcollars, stabilisers
- Casing
- Drilling rigs and accessories
- Well completion equipment including packers, nipples, tubing etc.
- Safety and fire fighting equipment
- Mud chemicals
- Wellheads and Xmas trees

For more information, please visit our website:
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