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Energy Services Ltd    

Energy Services Ltd is an energy-based consultancy and engineering firm based in Cork, Ireland, with significant past and current experience in providing skilled professionals and field supervisory engineers to contractors and consultants in Iraq. We are currently well placed to provide firms engaged in or bidding for reconstruction works for USAID or PCO projects, with highly qualified immediately available consultants, engineering staff and managers.

We specialise in providing project services to Irish and overseas customers in the areas of power engineering, energy consultancy, and project management. Our project services element includes design, project management and construction management/staffing services. Further information can be obtained on our website at

Our sister company based in the same Irish offices is Irish Energy Management Ltd. and focuses more on turnkey contract services.

We have significant experience of working in Iraq, with key staff including directors working on power projects throughout the eighties and nineties. Clients included the North Oil Company on the Saddam Oilfield in Tikrit, UNDP and others. A major part of our business is acting as design and build contractors primarily in the area of sub-station construction and commissioning.

We have been working again in Iraq since October 2003, this time providing evaluation and engineering services to the CPA, (DFID); the Transitional Advisory Team; and Washington International Inc. amongst others, engaged in surveying and managing the reconstruction of power transmission and distribution networks in the Southern and Northern Directorates. We are also at this stage supplying power and water engineers via the consultant Mott MacDonald.

Our company offers the following benefits specific to Iraq contracts:

Significant international engineering and construction management experience, much of this in Iraq itself. Selection of Irish, European, Iraqi, Egyptian and Indian nationals available. Ability to augment local and Arab staff with European field supervisory engineers and consultants.

Capability to mobilise/react quickly to staff up projects on the ground. Key skills in electrical/power, electrical design/fit-out projects, and construction engineering. Substations engineering and contracting and in particular commissioning is our prime area of expertise. We are well placed to assist OEMs in testing and verification and evaluation of transformers, MV/HV switchgear, cabling and busbars, and CTs/Relays injection and testing.

- Current presence of in-country personnel with an understanding of the Iraqi culture
- Awareness of security implications and in-country logistics, travel etc.
- High staff competency with international experience, can mobilise quickly. Irish engineering staff can be on the ground within 7 days of terms agreement
- Public and employers liability insurances; professional indemnity insurances, travel and accident insurances (Total Permanent Disability, Accidental Death, with War and Terrorism exclusions bought out), Medevac insurance, providing cover for staff activity in the Iraqi state, whether directly engaged or on contract hire or secondment to other firms. DBA insurances where required.

The above capabilities are proving to be of interest to many of the firms engaging in reconstruction activities in Iraq. We can provide significant hands-on skills especially regarding electrical engineers; instrumentation and process engineers; and supply of tradespersons and technicians in technical or supervisory roles, in the following areas:

- Rehabilitation of oil and gas projects
- Transmission and distribution engineering projects 400 kV; 132 kV; 38/11 kV; substations; overhead and underground lines; circuit-breaker set-up and commissioning; masts and structures; transformers, and sub-stations
- Power Station engineers, technicians and operators. Distributed and embedded generation setup and management
Turbine and motors vibration ansalysis
- Energy efficiency and renewable technologies
- Water and sanitation engineers, sewage, fresh water and pumping/treatment stations
- Field Supervision Engineers
- Construction contract management and project management
- Turnkey services

Our partnership with the UAE-based engineering services company Al-Mansoor of Abu-Dhabi gives us a wealth of local support on engineering resources and labour; and a regional office-based presence.

For more information, please visit our website:
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