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Empower Dynamics    

Empower Dynamics is a full service Management, Information Technology, Information Systems and Systems Integration Consultancy with a proven track record in Analysing, Understanding, Designing and Implementing strategic plans and solutions within Government. We have demonstrated an extensive capability in ensuring our clients achieve maximum returns (cost reductions, efficiency improvements and scalable solutions) on infrastructural investment strategies. We have developed a formidable track record of operating in over 44 countries with extensive experience in managing, planning and delivering complex systems and management requirements globally, whatever the political environment or constraints imposed.

From a very early stage of our development, we were endorsed as a preferred Independent Consultancy by the British Government, and we continue to work closely with the Department for International Development (DfID), OGCBuying solutions (S-CAT via the VantagePoint Consortium), the MoD and a number of additional key Government departments.

The depth of experience gained by Empower Dynamics over 400 international and national assignments in mixed disciplines, has given us a real understanding of the constraints imposed through working in highly pressurised and ‘politically sensitive areas’, and we are now able to provide experts that are familiar with policy issues and operational challenges facing the public sector. Our consultants are all senior level professionals, the majority of whom are experienced professionals competent and skilled in working in multi skilled team assignments or as individuals capable of assisting in the continued progress of Governments into the 21st century. Our teams are constantly strengthening internal capacity via comprehensive knowledge sharing, enabling Empower to provide unrivalled benefits on par to that of the larger ‘big five’ consultancies, but arguably more flexible and more proactive.

These benefits are extended when combined with our ability to provide a wide range of expertise crossing sector, technical and management disciplines. We have demonstrated our capacity for low cost but effective solutions (mainly by planning correctly, getting it right first time, and not carrying large overheads), and provide excellent Supervisory and Management support for all consultants on assignment with minimum levels of Management and administrative overhead, thereby reducing costs, and combine this with a single point of contact for all related matters to improve reaction time and efficiency.

Empower Dynamics is a proven and trusted supplier to both UK and International Government with a proven track record in offering the following services:

• Assistance in Procurement matters, including best practise training.
• Advice and Development of technical and management training.
• IS and IT Strategy Development.
• Business Strategy Development.
• Feasibility studies to investigate options for Business and IS Standardisation to support agency programmes.
• Quality Assurance Reviews.
• Output to Purpose Reviews.
• Advice and Support to IS/IT Development.
• Advice and Support to Organisational change.
• Systems Analysis, design and development.
• Financial Management Assistance.
• Advice and Support to particular Sector Reform.
• Advice and Support to Legislation drafting.
• Advice and Support to Implementation of developed solutions.
• Advice and support to specialist areas such as Tax, Education, Health and Customs.

The Company delivers comprehensive solutions in two main domains:-

• Client Server Secure Networking and Communications including comprehensive engineering Services

• Management and IS/IT Consulting including Strategy, Policy, Architecture and Procedural/Process development

The specific services the Company provides may be summarised as follows:


• The search, selection and deployment of specialist Management or Technical resource to work underneath client managers and directors, either as standalone individuals carrying out individual tasks or as groups or teams of defined skills carrying out project and programme related activities (i.e. sector specialists with Business Process re-engineers with engineers with change managers with trainers with technical architects).


• The analysis, design and deployment of teams and/or individual skills to work as part of an overall client programme or project to provide a defined solution to a problem which may be more effectively fixed through outsourcing.

• The development of the business case, the development of the project plans, the management, supply of resources and managers, and fixed price control of a project or programme to deliver a defined outcome as a “turnkey solution”.

• The partnering with a client business to maximise the efficiency and to reduce or eradicate skills shortages. Either fixed monthly retainer or time and materials based. The supply of specialist, supplementary teams and individuals such as quality auditors, procurement agents, trainers, BPR specialists and change managers.

• A tailor made approach incorporating all or some aspects of the solutions service.

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