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ELS is already operating in Iraq, clearing ground and dealing with munitions. We’ve been working there for over six years with the UN and major commercial contractors within the reconstruction programme. We’ve dealt with hundreds of thousands of landmines and unexploded munitions in Iraq. All our operational and management documentation is already translated into Arabic and Kurdish as well as being available in English.

Our objective is to achieve your objective. We recognise that we succeed when we solve the problems that you face, allowing you to proceed with your own projects safely and efficiently.

Unexploded ordnance (UXO) and munition clearance

Having worked in major clearance operations in some of the world’s most challenging environments, the company has absolute confidence in its ability to deliver results under any circumstances, backed up by the evidence of successful operations all over the world. We offer full munition clearance to international standards using fully integrated:

- Manual teams
- Mine detection dog teams
- Mechanical systems
- Technical survey
- Internal and external quality assurance

Battlefield area clearance (BAC)

We have extensive experience in clearing a wide variety of land, air and sea ordnance from battlefields around the world, including Iraq. We have the experience to locate and dispose of munitions and ordnance types from numerous countries including the US, UK and former USSR. We are currently carrying out one of the world’s largest battlefield area clearance projects for the oil and gas industry in the Russian Federation.

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)

The organisation already has an EOD capability in Iraq. The capability conforms to IMAS and is thoroughly experienced in dealing with local conditions, terrain and UXO threats in the area.

Improvised explosive devices (terrorist bombs)

We have the capability and experience to safely and effectively neutralise and render safe terrorist bombs and other improvised explosive devices. This capability is provided by personnel with many years of experience in a wide variety of environments where terrorist threats were and still are a reality, including Northern Ireland and Southern Africa.

Providing safe access - Defining and avoiding problem areas

Our teams’ information collection, collation and processing systems operate entirely within the ISO 9000 quality assurance system. Data collected from records, maps, imagery or as a result of field surveys conducted by our teams is provided to the client in the most appropriate form including ArcView, MapInfo or other standard international GIS data formats.

Quality assurance

ELS is fully ISO 9001 certified and is a member of the Review Board for the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS). The company is also a founder member of the Institute of Munition Clearance & Search Engineers (IMCSE).

Health and safety

ELS carries out safety and operational risk management in its everyday projects and our success in what is potentially so hazardous a business is demonstrated by our safety record, which remains outstanding within its industry.

We have dealt with the residue of the Iraq/Iran conflict of the 1980s along with more recent conflicts and are therefore well versed in Iraqi munitions as well as UK, US and other NATO items. Many of our international staff were also engaged in the clearance operations following the Gulf war in 1991. ELS already have a trained workforce in Iraq of local personnel, including staff who have worked at senior manager level, capable of planning and supervising munitions operations anywhere in the world.

ELS has already had the opportunity to adapt to the circumstances and conditions prevailing in Iraq. As a result we are ready to respond to your requirements now, with confidence and commitment.

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