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DynCorp Capabilities  

Personal/Physical security

In addition to developing and installing sophisticated computer security systems and equipment, DI is capable of providing law enforcement and security personnel with the ability to rapidly deploy anywhere in the world at virtually a moment’s notice. Using a database of more than 3,000 qualified individuals, the company has an unmatched ability to recruit and assemble large security contingents. In the realm of personal and physical security, DynCorp’s services include:

- Law enforcement recruiting
- Cultural training
- Law enforcement management
- Personal protection services
- Security systems design, installation and operations

Information technology

DynCorp is dedicated to technology and providing clients end-to-end solutions including information and enterprise technology, operations and management support, and aerospace and aviation services.

- IT lifecycle support
- Electronic records and media
- Network engineering
- Communications engineering
- Seat management
- Security and intelligence programs
- Automated program performance management

Contingency support

Rapid, mobile deployment of skilled teams of expertly trained technicians is one of the hallmarks of DynCorp’s contingency support experience spanning more than 50 years. Through DI, customers have instant access to a complete array of services. Our experienced professional workforce can be counted on to provide:

- Aircraft maintenance
- Peacekeeping support
- Worldwide contingency planning
- Infrastructure engineering and construction management
- Logistics support and warehousing
- Heavy equipment inspections

Logistics support services

DynCorp is a leader in logistics support services, creating contingency plans and managing their implementation across the country and around the world. Logistics support services from DynCorp include:

- Procurement
- Parts tracking/inventory management
- Equipment maintenance and operation
- Property control
- On-equipment maintenance
- Data entry
- Airframe components
- Spare parts
- Mobile repair services

Facilities management

DynCorp is an experienced provider of multi-activity services for government and commercial installations. Currently, we support populations of up to 40,000 at sites around the world. DynCorp’s multi-operations services include:

- Communications and electronic equipment
- Property and equipment control
- Hazardous materials handling
- Civil, electrical, environmental and mechanical engineering
- Turn-key building maintenance and management
- Administrative services
- Custodial, roads, grounds, refuse, landfill, recycling and landscaping

International program management

DynCorp can provide a highly skilled workforce anywhere in the world and can effectively manage their efforts to accomplish customer objectives. We accomplish these goals utilising experienced US and western expatriates, local nationals and third-country nationals. International program management services available from DynCorp include:

- Diplomatic support services
- Humanitarian relief
- Multinational workforce
- Recruiting and management
- Grant administration support
- International police monitoring services
- De-mining

Range technical services

DynCorp has developed an impressive array of test and evaluation (T&E) and range technical services. Whether by land or sea, DynCorp has assimilated and demonstrated comprehensive capabilities in Range/T&E capabilities. Our services include:

- Information processing
- Range technical support
- Testing and training
- Range operations and maintenance
- Multimedia production
- Engineering and analysis
- Automated range asset management and utilisation tools

Aviation engineering

DynCorp’s heritage of aviation services can be traced to the company’s roots. During the past 58 years we have provided government (US, foreign and United Nations) and commercial customers with more than 240 million direct labour-hours of aircraft maintenance and support. Our services include:

- Engineering design
- Kit manufacture and installation
- Avionics upgrades
- Field installations
- Cockpit/fuselage redesign
- Technical data/drawings/manual revisions
- Configuration management

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