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Defensive Tactics Academy - Specialised security services  

After 21 years in law enforcement (from Basic Academy through Dignitary Protection Unit up to SWAT Team and SWAT Trainer), the founder and owner of the company Mr Michael Radner retired and worked for one of the bigger German private security companies to gain more proficiency in the field of private security work and management.

Within his police career he worked with and instructed several hundred police and security officers around the world. Within the private security company that had contracted him, he was responsible for about 300 employees and about 100 students at the company owned security academy.

Through the company that he opened in 2000, he has been contracted by several private companies (security and other businesses) to either establish their new security system or procedures or train/instruct their current employees. The Defensive Tactics Academy has also been contracted by two big German TV stations. Mr Radner works as an expert witness in the field of officer safety and training.

In other cases the company has been contracted as the specialist for personal protection for business people in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The company has also been contracted for high sensitive observation or enforcement cases for insurance companies, banks etc.

The company also offers a big variety of special equipment for police, military, private investigation etc. and the necessary training to operate this equipment.

Mr Radner`s experience in the field of training, the performance of actual duties and in developing security schedules and/or policies is of high level and the experience and knowledge of all employees meet the highest standards worldwide.

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