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Ditch Witch Middle East

Ditch Witch Middle East, with its head office located in Lebanon, handles Ditch Witch Sales and aftersales in most of the Middle East and Gulf Region.

Quality is maintained by both the standard and the method by which all Ditch Witch products are designed and built. Ditch Witch quality is a matter of focused design right from the start, and can be found in every detail that follows. You can see Ditch Witch's quality in the overall productivity of the equipment. You can feel it in the ease and comfort of the operator's station. You can experience it in the reliable levels of power and performance.

Ditch Witch Trenchers

Our Trencher product range varies from compact walk-along models to large riding units. Ditch Witch trenchers are used to bury a wide variety of materials including gas, water, and sewer pipe; power, telephone, and television cable; and landscape irrigation systems.

The Ditch Witch Pedestrian Trenchers are designed for residential and short-run commercial service line work including gas, water, sewer, electric and communications lines, Ditch Witch pedestrian trenchers and plows are available for trenching two (0.6096 metres) to four feet (1.2 metres) deep or plowing one (0.3048 metres) to two feet (0.6 metres) deep.

The Compact Line of Ditch Witch Trenchers is ideal for completing big jobs in small spaces. These small, maneuverable riding units are designed for residential utility installations and can trench to depths from 60 inches (1.5 metres) to 80 inches (2 metres) deep depending on boom length.

The Large Line of Ditch Witch Trenchers is designed for heavy-duty trenching, vibratory plowing and pavement cutting, the large line of Ditch Witch trenchers feature up to 185 hp (a138 kilowatts) and can dig to 99 inches (2.5 metres) and plow to 48-inch (1.2 metre) depths for installation of mainline utilities.

Interchangeable attachments increase the versatility and value of Ditch Witch tractor units. Attachments are available for trenching, vibratory plowing, pavement and rock sawing, and utility backhoe work.

Trenchless Technology (Horizontal Directional Drilling)

The Ditch Witch family of trenchless products deliver an integrated system for addressing today's demanding underground construction jobs. From the rock capabilities of the new JT4020 All Terrain to the quiet vacuum feature of the new FX30, our systems' innovations provide you with maximum productivity.

Ditch Witch is proud to have designed, developed and manufactured the All Terrain system that can be used to drill and steer in any ground condition including hard rock conditions. Ditch Witch has two machines belonging to the All Terrain family, namely the Ditch Witch JT2720 All Terrain and the Ditch Witch JT4020 All Terrain.

The new Mach 1 series of Jet Trac HDD systems offers increased power and automated features such as simplified Mach 1 electronics, cruise control and automated pipe loader functions that make each the most efficient and productive horizontal directional drilling machine in its size and class.

The comprehensive line of electronic tracking equipment, including the new Grade Drilling Package, is designed and built to survive in the punishing downhole conditions associated with underground construction. Featuring the 750 Tracker, which is capable of tracking bore depths from 0.75 feet to 100 feet (2.0 centimetres - 30 metres). The 750 Display, which is used with the Subsite 750 Tracker and Trac Management System, the 750 Display integrates with the Ditch Witch directional drilling systems. It can receive data up to 2000 feet (610 metres) from the 750 Tracker; store up to ten jobs and provide downloads to the TMS system for as-drilled maps.

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