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DHL International

DHL has been operational in Iraq for the past nine months. Originally we were flying a daily Antonov 12 (14-ton capacity) into Saddam International Airport, now known as Baghdad International Airport. All DHL flights originate from our Middle East hub based at Bahrain International Airport. The flying time ex-Bahrain to Baghdad is 90 minutes. Today DHL is flying a variety of aircraft into Baghdad and other locations in Iraq as follows:

- DHL is the only express/freight provider based at Baghdad International Airport. Our facility has six porter cabins located just outside of the main cargo terminal.
- DHL shipments are held at this location for consignees to collect if non-conveyable or sent directly out for delivery in Baghdad.
- The airport is heavily guarded by the US military; DHL has free access to move on and off the airport to carry out its business.
- Our relationship with airport administration and control tower is good and assists with continued development of our business.
- MCI Communications, KBR, Bechtel all have offices in and around the airport perimeter; DHL has daily deliveries to each contractor.
- Currently, DHL is the only scheduled daily freight operator into Baghdad International Airport, with flight arrival times of 7am and 4pm (A300-600).
- DHL is the only daily scheduled freight operator into Baghdad International Airport. The number of daily rotations fluctuates due to inbound cargo load. At present DHL is flying between two and three rotations into Baghdad per day.

DHL Baghdad ground handling

- On 25 October DHL started self-handling its own aircraft at Baghdad International Airport. DHL is now also self-handling all other cargo aircraft arriving into BIAP cargo terminal.
- At Baghdad Airport we have invested in three high loaders, two low loaders, belt loaders, trolleys and tugs to handle DHL aircraft and all other cargo aircraft at BIAP.
- Two high loaders have been moved to Mosul in anticipation of a direct flight ex-Europe. A daily direct flight ex-Bahrain to Mosul is already part of the existing DHL schedule into Iraq.

DHL Baghdad delivery service area

- DHL will deliver to all military units within the confines of Baghdad International Airport. We will also deliver to units within Baghdad and its suburbs but for shipments over 300 kilograms the consignee will have to arrange suitable trucking for delivery.
- For strategic global customers of DHL we will arrange delivery through 3rd party trucking ex-Baghdad to the final destination. Charges for this transportation will be billed to the consignee or consignor.
- DHL has an office at the Palestine Hotel in down town Baghdad, Tel: 001-914-3606358 (Contact: Ziyad).
- DHL has opened an office at the CPA, which is situated at the Republican Palace. The CPA is the central administration headquarters for the US Government; it is where Mr Paul Bremmer sits. The DHL office is situated in the same building as Mr Bremmer and is now manned by Mr Terence Casey (telephone: +1-914-3606348, email:
- Within the CPA the following companies are present: KBR, Bechtel, Lockheed, Prime Projects, Raytheon & DynCorp. The CPA is heavily guarded and again DHL has access to move freely on and off the compound.
- Balad and Tikrit are serviced by truck ex-BGW. Transit is BGW plus one day.
- An Antonov 12 is now based ex-Bahrain International Airport and flies internally within Iraq to the following locations - Mosul, Kirkuk, Tikrit, Bilad and Talil. Current rotation is Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
- DC 8 flies ex-Bahrain to Mosul daily, with a capacity of 31 tons.
- All destinations covered by the Milk Run have DHL personnel and an office on the ground.
- We have commenced trucking ex-Amman to Baghdad, however, security on this route is high risk.

Southern Iraq service area

- DHL will deliver via our road-based network ex-Kuwait into the Basra military base. Transit Time is KWI plus one day.
- DHL will deliver via our road-based network ex-Kuwait into the Talil, Nasriyah and Umm Qasar military base. Transit Time is KWI plus two days. These areas will be serviced with a 40-foot vehicle complete with security escort ex-Kuwait City. Freight can be delivered both ex-BAH on a second day delivery basis (with the potential of next day with "early" pre-alerts) or directly ex-KWI with a next day delivery dependent on incoming arrival times.
- DHL is currently looking at the possibility of extending the 'milk run' to include Basra Airbase and establish a permanent presence at the airport.

* Please note that transit times are dependent on the security situation on the ground and timorous pre-alerts to these destinations will ensure expedited deliveries.

The CPA has granted permission for six international airlines to fly passengers and cargo to and from Basra airport. The council said it had asked Gulf Air, Royal Jordanian, Emirates Airline, Qatar Airways, SAS, and LOT Polish Airlines to prepare for a resumption of flights. Since this announcement the above carriers have yet to start flying into Basra.

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