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De La Rue plc  

De La Rue was founded in 1813 with a heritage in banknote manufacturing. Some of its subsidiaries date back to 1712. Its first banknote customer was Mauritius in 1860.

De La Rue is the world’s largest commercial security printer and papermaker, involved in the production of over 150 national currencies and a wide range of security documents such as travellers cheques and vouchers. The company is pioneering new technologies worldwide in government identity solutions for national identification, driving licences, passport issuing schemes and election systems. It is also a leading provider of cash handling equipment and software solutions to banks and retailers worldwide, helping them to reduce the cost of handling cash.

De La Rue Currency designs, manufactures and supplies supporting services for all banknote paper and print needs. De La Rue invests significantly in R&D to deliver the most appropriate, secure and advanced security features and product enhancements for its customers. In addition to its unique history and breadth of experience, De La Rue's customers also benefit from the associated businesses within the De La Rue Group who have directly relevant products and experience, particularly De La Rue Tapes and Holographics (security threads and holograms) and De La Rue Cash Systems (cash handling expertise).

Did you know?
De La Rue is the world leader in proven security features and can offer the customer traditional security such as mould made watermarks and intaglio enhanced with the benefits of new technologies such as holography and wide threads
De La Rue prides itself on the integrity and confidentiality of the service provided, and the relationships of trust we develop with our customers
De La Rue understands how to integrate the paper, inks and print features within a security document as a protection against counterfeiting. De La Rue makes the counterfeiters' task as difficult as possible and aims to ensure that our customers are always two steps ahead of the fraudster
De La Rue's expertise encompasses both the design of documents for machines and of machines for documents. In today's market, machine readability is an integral part of modern banknote design and enables the customer to ensure the highest level of protection
De La Rue is the industry leader in the fields of research and development of new technologies, security features and print capabilities
De La Rue provides the only commercial counterfeit analysis facility in the world. This ensures we are constantly up to date with counterfeit technology and assists our customers in analysing potential threats
De La Rue has security paper and print production facilities in over 15 locations across four continents which enables rapid response to its international customers
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