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In 1952, Georges Debbane founded his family-owned business in Lebanon. His eldest son, Raphael Debbane, with his vision, dynamism and ambition developed the business together with his four brothers and his brother-in-law to establish a wide group of companies operating in Lebanon, the Arab world and the US. Currently Debbane Freres Group counts 18 companies with diversified activities.


Debbane Freres SAL - Leading agricultural company established in Lebanon in 1952. Distributor, wholesaler and retailer of various agricultural supplies: seeds, pesticides, fertilisers, irrigation and agricultural equipments. Debbane represents many multinational suppliers such as DuPont de Nemours, BASF, Dow Agrosciences, Uniroyal etc.

Debbane & Co. - In 1976, Debbane extended its agricultural supplies activity to Syria and occupies now a leading position in the Syrian market.

Debbane Freres Trading SAL (offshore) - In harmony with its expansion strategy, Debbane Freres established in 1999 a joint venture with the Al Bunnia Group to develop the agricultural sector in Iraq through active participation in tender business.

Agricultural Services Company of New Iraq (ASCONI) - Established in 2003 with Al Bunnia Group to handle Iraqi private market sales of agricultural supplies through wholesalers and retailers, as well as provide agricultural services.

Exotica SAL - Established in 1978, Exotica is a leading Lebanese firm in landscaping and ornamentals production and decoration. We have executed more than 2,000 private and public projects in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Exotica garden centres offer the most elegant flowers and plants' arrangements.

Food and beverages

Enoteca SAL - Specialised since 1993 in the marketing in Lebanon of the finest selection of wine and liquors from France, Italy, Spain, USA, Australia, Chili etc.


Sodap Liban SAL (Lebanon and United Arab Emirates) & Sodamco (Qatar) - Manufacturers in Lebanon, the UAE and Qatar of building chemicals and finishing construction products since 1986. Our sales activity covers Lebanon, Syria, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Beton Chantier du Liban SAL (1993) - Offers ready mix concrete for big construction projects.

INSULCO Contracting (Lebanon) & Interpro (UAE) - Insulco offers engineering and design for thermal and acoustical insulation, fireproofing and refractory works. It supplies a full range of products and accessories for industrial insulation and fire proofing for refineries, petro-chemical plants, LNG, power stations, cement plants etc.


Pesco Telecom SAL - Wireless data transmission operator and telecommunications contractor established in Lebanon in 1993.

Cosmos Engineers International - Telecommunications contractor in the US.

IMC Telecom Inc - Telephone and data operator company in the US.

Management and consultancy

Pesco International SAL - Established in 1980, Pesco International is specialised in studying infrastructure projects, creating companies as well as representing international firms.

Power Services Management SAL (PSM) - Lebanese firm specialised in the operations and maintenance of industries, namely electrical power plants and water treatment plants, supply of qualified technical personnel with all levels of engineering, technical and management background.


Iraqi Medical And Pharmaceutical Company SAL (offshore) (IMAPCO sal offshore) - Lebanese offshore company established in 2003 to secure efficient contact with pharmaceutical multinational suppliers and provide the financial coverage for IMAPCO - Iraq operations.

New Iraq Trading Company for Medical Appliances and Pharmaceuticals Ltd (IMAPCO) - Iraqi company founded in 2003 in partnership with the Al Bunnia Group, registered under the Al Bunnia name for the time being due to the old commercial laws in Iraq. IMPACO is a distributor of pharmaceutical products and medical appliances.

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