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Command Risks Management    

Command Risks Management specialises in risk consultancy, intelligence and security services “made in Germany”.

Command Risks Management (CRM) is a German based company with international relations and experiences. Our staff includes a variety of professionals, from military and law enforcement backgrounds to highly trained intelligence and security analysts, medics, drivers, psychologists and experts for different cultures worldwide.

Risk Mitigation

We provide to our clients all kinds of threat assessment, risk mitigation and security services at home or “on the ground”. These are never “out of the shelf” but highly specialised and individualised bespoke services to perfectly match the client’s needs. Possible tasks range from compound security to individual terror risk assessment and probable maximum loss analysis (PML).


CRM further excels in the field of hostile environment training. Clients include professionals from companies of all business sectors, media staff, and help workers from international NGOs. Specialised courses for drivers including First Aid, for local security staff or private security detail/close protection (PSD/CP) are also available. CRM also works closely with the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce to prepare and train members for there stay in the Middle East.


Our highly acclaimed intelligence products include our weekly Iraq security report which offers information about incidents, areas of concern, travel security and political developments as well as in-depth analysis and highly accurate projections. Apart from that bespoke reports and briefings are available mostly within 36 hours covering a variety of issues. Our highly trained intelligence analysts make use of open, restricted and human sources which are being processed and disseminated as reports or briefings in comprised and comprehensive electronic form.


Command Risks Management makes use of a worldwide network of specialist, which allows us to react swiftly to our clients’ needs, as well as of locals who are screened and trained by our experts. In Iraq CRM has a number of operatives on the ground, but also works with contractors for certain specialised purposes. Our operatives in the field send back daily reports and assessments of the security situation and projected developments which are processed in our intelligence headquarters and keep our knowledge about what’s going on in Iraq up to date at any single moment in time.

Operations in Iraq

In Iraq CRM is mostly concerned with PSD and CP tasks, but also provides travel management, threat assessment, compound security and risks consultancy to a variety of clients. Contingency planning and evacuation procedures can also be implemented by our specialists on the ground. Our operatives are advised to keep a low profile at all times not to attract attention to themselves or our clients. They usually merge with the team they are assigned to and will not easily be identified as the highly trained and experienced security specialists they are.


CRM cooperates among others very closely with the renowned British risk consultants AKE Ltd. we mostly work for companies, media teams and NGO staff from German speaking countries. Our operatives speak and write fluently in the German and English language.

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