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Control Risk Group

Control Risks Group has been operating in Iraq since April 2003 and has an unrivalled understanding of the security environment throughout the country. Control Risks has established offices in Baghdad and Basrah, a 24-hour operations room with a countrywide communications system, integral links with the military and the CPA and a well-established information network. Control Risks also provides support and is based in six of the regional governorates. This developed infrastructure enables Control Risks' teams to operate in an effective and cohesive fashion.

There are currently around 250 Control Risks personnel working for governmental and commercial organisations throughout Iraq. All personnel are vetted and subjected to rigorous selection criteria. They also receive induction and training from our in-country training team.

The country manager and operational managers in Iraq are supported by a strong management team and continuous 24-hour support through our CR24 service in London. This provides full support to the operations centre in that country in a crisis situation. This level of management and crisis support is unmatched by any other security consultancy working in Iraq.

Our presence in Iraq and our expertise in all areas of risk management mean that Control Risks can provide a range of services for any company operating or planning to operate in Iraq:

Project risk assessment: to assess the level and nature of security and political risks to personnel, assets and operations, and to offer advice on appropriate risk mitigation strategies. These assessments are customised to the specific requirements of the task and take into account regional variations in the security situation and differences in the nature of the risk.

Project security management: to provide on-the-ground security management and protection for personnel, facilities and operations. Control Risks’ security consultants plan and implement security procedures and tasks, including security audits; collecting essential local information; co-coordinating with the coalition administration; managing VIP close protection; and providing secure travel, communications, local guard force supervision and ‘meet-and-greet’ services.

Monitoring and advice services: to assist corporate-level security managers and strategic planners in monitoring the situation and responding to developments on the ground. Control Risks’ online Country Risk Forecast (CRF) service provides analysis and interpretation of events on the ground in Iraq and other countries, and is updated each working day. CR24, our 24-hour operations centre, provides immediate advice and support for security managers.

Corporate investigations: to enable companies to make informed decisions about establishing relationships with local Iraqi partners. Due diligence on such partnerships is necessary to ensure that proposed local contractors are legitimate and have the necessary local contacts to ensure a smooth working relationship.

Contingency planning and training: to provide companies operating in difficult and dangerous areas with reviews of existing plans against new threats and with the development of new plans, including business continuity; medical and emergency evacuation planning; executive ‘buy-in’ seminars on the risks of doing business in Iraq; and exercises for new country management teams prior to, or immediately after, entry.

Governance and integrity services: to provide governments and international organisations with the capability to implement medium to long term sustainable programmes to construct transparent, accountable and effective central government functions, especially in the areas of national security, law enforcement and national policy development and oversight. The division also advises on anti-corruption strategies to governments and corporate clients.

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