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Our vision
Is to be well known locally and internationally for quality, credibility and confidence in all fields of our activities. Help our customers increase their profit.

Our mission
We are committed to the following:
- Continuously fulfilling our clients' needs and meet their expectations through our products and support services
- Offering advanced systems to our high caliber energetic professional staff and provide them with the necessary training and tools to achieve best quality performance
- Maintaining wider range of perfect suppliers who can participate as partners in solving clients' problems, technically supporting and offering them new solutions

Our goals
- Advantage - Delivering Solutions: Our expertise and foresight help our clients to develop competitive advantage; advantages that help them lead industries and shape futures.
- Integrity - Trust: We are trusted by businesses and consumers the world over.
- Integrated: We work to understand the needs of our clients and blend our services to meet their exacting requirements.
- Partnering: We partner organisations, helping them create a better future for us all.

Consukorra is a trade agency and technical consultations established 1n 1997 as a limited liability company. Consukorra is a leading company in developing new market and increasing the market share for the products we are handling and we are innovating through our expertise and foresight which help our clients increase their profit. Furthermore, we provide different solutions to meet our customers' exact requirements.

Consukorra divisions
- Power solutions and gas direct fire absorption chillers for central air conditioning by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co.
- Engineering equipment - SAER pumps
- Refractories and raw materials
- Ink jet printers
- Tools and machineries
- Petrochemicals
- Pesticides
- Export of horticultural products (grapes/strawberries/peaches/mangos)
- Land reclamation
- Business development

* Staff: 70

Power Solution and Air Conditioning Systems Division
Consukorra serves and supports its customers by ensuring continuous improvement to its products and services introduced to the Egyptian market. A leading product range is power solutions from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. 'MHI'. We also offer to our customers the ability to have a total turnkey solution for power systems and HVAC needs.

Power solutions
The Mitsubishi Power Solutions offer you:
- The achievement of unsurpassed efficiency level
- Friendly on the environment
- High reliability
- Maintenance and operation assistance
- Support system for customers from planning and designing to after-sales service
- Proven mitsubishi quality
- Low fuel consumption
- Highest efficiency
- Full mitsubishi warranty
- Long services life time

Some of the MHI Power Systems we market
MGS-B,MGS-C Generator Sets Ratings:
MGS-B: 250 KVA To 2300 KVA
MGS-C: 255 KVA To 2000 KVA

MU-G Series
With Low RPM
Up to 5300 KVA PP

Air conditioning systems

Absorption chillers
Mitsubishi introduced to the Egyptian market the best HVAC solution with very low operation cost and environmentally friendly. In a very short time Mitsubishi absorption chillers have taken position is Egypt.
By using Gas Fired Absorption Chillers utilising energy sources (Natural Gas - Diesel fuel -Steam water- Middle hot water). Capacities from: 80 RT to 5000 RT

Centrifugal chillers
Mitsubishi offers the best group of centrifugal chillers including NART series chillers which have the highest efficiency in the world. Capacities from: 325 RT to 3,000 RT

Higher thermal efficiency and cleaner environment the Mitsubishi Gas Engine Cogeneration System using a high performance gas engine that saves both space and energy, has been enhanced to reach efficiency of higher than 37 per cent. Cogeneration recovers exhaust heat which would otherwise be released to the natural environment in the form of exhaust gas and high temperature waste water. Heat recovery equipment captures this heat and reuses it as energy for cooling and/or heating, helping to conserve electricity and fuel.

After-sales service and technical support at MHI
After-sales service is one of our strong points at Consukorra. Our team of qualified engineers is ready to answer any call for service or technical support. We possess a fleet of service vehicles and the most up-to-date tools, diagnostic tools and manuals. Our team is in constant contact with our main offices in Japan and Europe. To obtain the most recent information that enables them to provide the most prompt service in the industry.

Engineering equipment
Consukorra represents SAER & MAK one of the worldwide leading companies in the field of pumps. The scope includes:
• Domestic pumps from 0.5 up to 125 HP
• Submersible deep well pumps from0.5 up to 400 HP
• Sewage pumps from 0.5 up to 30 HP
• Swimming pool pumps
• Petrochemical pumps
• Vertical line shaft pumps for deep wells by MAK

Refractories and raw materials
Consukorra supplies the Egyptian market with the highest worldwide quality of refractories and raw materials for steel, foundries, and cement industries such as:
- All kind of castables and spinal brick monolithics for the cement industry
- Chromite sand, gunning mix, high alumina magnesia carbon spinel bricks
- Vacuum cleaners
- Various kinds of insulation materials
- Copper mould
- Refractories for induction furnace (silica, alumina, spinel)
- Cored wire for steel industry
- The best solutions for printing (ex. Matthews marking equerry)
- Slide gate refractories
- All kinds of refractories for continuous casting
- All grades of graphite electrodes
- Mould powder for continuous casting
- Ferro alloys
- Metals and master alloy

Consukorra has introduced and registered the following list of companies with their outstanding pesticides products:
- Diniconazole 12.5% WP
- Shenphos tablets
- Imidacloprid 25% wp
- Isoproturn 50% SC
- Gibberellines Acid 20%
- Carbofuran 3%
- Thiophanate Methyl

For more information, please visit our website:
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