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City & Guilds’ mission is to enrich people’s lives as the world’s leading provider of qualifications and learning support for work and adult life. We are committed to the spirit of lifelong learning as a means for all to fulfill their potential and recognise the diverse knowledge and skills of millions of learners all over the world. Employers worldwide rely on us to develop a qualified workforce, equipped with the competencies that have made the City & Guilds name synonymous with workplace excellence in over 22 occupational sectors.

Since its creation in 1878, The City & Guilds of London Institute has been a leading agent for progress in vocational education and training. A founding partner of Imperial College, City & Guilds is responsible for the design of the initial vocational qualifications infrastructure in the UK and exports that knowledge and expertise across the globe.

As a registered charity and a royal chartered institute, City & Guilds receives no direct government grants but operates by charging enough to cover its costs and support future investment while maintaining value for money. City & Guilds started with just 202 candidates; now we issue over a million certificates every year to candidates in nearly 100 countries.

We are determined that City & Guilds will go through the 21st century with the same dedication to innovation, excellence and public good contained in the Royal Charter first granted to us for the encouragement of individual, corporate and community achievement at the beginning of the 20th century.

City & Guilds exists to encourage education and training in-and for-the workplace. City & Guilds is the leading vocational awarding body in the UK, and as the only awarding body solely dedicated to vocational learning, offers companies worldwide a recognised skills benchmark.

The work of City & Guilds provides the foundations which underpin modern systems of vocational education and training:

- Establishing occupational standards
- Preparing syllabuses in technical and vocational subjects
- Designing assessments to measure the ability of learners
- Developing effective systems for exam administration and quality assurance
- Educational research

Our qualification programmes and assessments are delivered through colleges of further and higher education, businesses and private training providers, as well as the public sector, armed forces and universities. We have a network of nine regional and three national offices in the UK and seven international branches to support this structure locally.

City & Guilds employs 700 core staff. Additionally, we draw upon the expertise of over 1,000 consultants and 1,800 examiners to support our activities. City & Guilds is a quality-led organisation. We have ISO 9001:2000 and Investors in People accreditation. We are supported by over 2,100 verifiers and auditors.

City & Guilds provides over 500 different vocational qualifications covering almost every occupational sector. In the UK, City & Guilds awards nearly 50 per cent of all NVQs, over three times as many as our nearest competitor. Through City & Guilds International we offer our awards worldwide and have developed a further range of qualifications specifically designed to meet the requirements of the global workplace.

We offer the widest range of vocational qualifications in subject areas ranging from construction, manufacturing and engineering to IT, customer service, hairdressing and business administration. We also offer qualifications in more specialised areas such as sound engineering and fashion design. City & Guilds qualifications are available in almost every occupational sector.

City & Guilds was established in order to build workforce skills to suit the needs of the modern workplace. The different types of qualifications we now offer reflect the needs of learners, industry and education providers, encouraging the widest possible access to learning and enabling individuals to continue their professional development throughout their working life.

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