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Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems leads the Internet generation

The Internet is the most significant driver of social and economic change in recent times. Cisco Systems stands at the forefront of the 'information revolution' as the worldwide leader of networking for the Internet. Cisco Systems’ networking solutions connect people, businesses and governments across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), allowing secure access or transfer of information over Internet protocol (IP) networks.

Since shipping its first product in 1986, the company has grown into a global market leader with annual revenues that have increased from $69 million in that year to over $20 billion in the fiscal year 2001. As measured by market capitalisation, Cisco is among the largest in the world, selling products in approximately 115 countries with 225 sales and support offices in 75 countries. In the Middle East, Cisco has its regional headquarters in Dubai, with further offices in Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Morocco.

Cisco Systems is focused on delivering end-to-end solutions to allow customers to build and efficiently manage a single converged network infrastructure. Cisco’s end-to-end networking solutions provide a common architecture that delivers consistent and reliable services to all users. As companies increase the range of services they need to support and as their operations expand, the return on investment (ROI) from deploying scalable and leading edge infrastructure also grows as they are able to efficiently leverage their investment in mission-critical network infrastructure.

Cisco Systems’ philosophy is to listen to the customer and develop solutions that incorporate appropriate technology for their current and future needs. A key differentiator is the company’s approach to promoting open standards to ensure that customers can use current infrastructure with Cisco solutions without needing to invest in costly upgrades. To support its customers, Cisco Systems develops products and solutions based on recognised global industry standards such as IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Cisco Systems offers the industry's broadest range of solutions and claims the number one or two market position in almost every category. The company’s market leadership has been achieved by enhancing intelligence of networks, delivered by Cisco’s IOS® software that acts as the operating system residing on the routers and switches deployed in the network, and the ability to dynamically support business critical applications.

In addition to the leading products, Cisco’s Channel Partners deliver expertise in network design, implementation, technical support and professional services to maintain and optimise network operations. These services support a wide range of organisations including:

- Enterprise: Large organisations with complex networking requirements spanning multiple locations and different computer systems. Typical enterprise customers include multinational corporations, government departments, banks and universities.
- Service providers: These include telecommunication carriers, Internet service providers, cable companies and wireless communication providers.
- Small/medium business: Companies requiring a local area network as well as connectivity to the Internet and business partners.

Cisco has capitalised on its networking experience by developing a global networked business model. This model opens the corporate information infrastructure by leveraging the network for competitive advantage. By implementing networked applications, Cisco estimates savings of at least $500 million a year in operating costs, whilst improving customer and partner satisfaction and gaining a competitive advantage in areas such as customer support, product ordering and delivery times. Today, Cisco is the world's largest Internet commerce site, selling more than $28 million in products every day.

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