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Ciba Specialty Chemicals - Effects to Improve the Quality of Life  

Ciba Specialty Chemicals, headquartered in Basel/Switzerland, is a global company producing effects that improve the quality of life. Its specialty chemicals, added in small quantities, enhance the performance, look and feel of a wide range of materials. Ciba strives to be the partner of choice for customers, offering innovative products as well as sharing our know-how as a one-stop expert service.

The company’s strategy combines a strong tradition of innovation, continuous operational improvement and close customer contact.

Ciba employs around 19,000 people at 60 sites in 23 countries and 22 research centers in 11 countries. Sales are evenly balanced between the three major market areas: Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. With a new regional hub in Bahrain, Ciba Specialty Chemicals moved closer to the customers in Middle East to provide global expertise with a global touch. To get in contact with us directly, please email us at

Ciba products improve existing or add new qualities to materials at every stage of their production, drawing on a wide expertise in organic synthesis, solid state chemistry and physics, polymer chemistry, catalysis, biocatalysis, photochemistry/photophysics – and, of course, customer applications.

Ciba products

- Protect plastics, coatings and photographic materials from damage by light, heat, air and mechanical stress
- Create color for textiles, plastics, coatings, paper and wood
- Increase the brightness of paper
- Optimise water management
- Improve the performance of textiles, textile production and textile detergents
- Use light to cure coatings, printed layers and electronic components
- Help to shield people and objects from harmful ultraviolet light and from micro-organisms

Ciba effects are in almost every house, every workplace and every car. The company serves several major markets, each drawing on a wide range of our products and services.


- Performance additives and colours for plastics
- Colours, curing and protective agents for coatings
- Dyes and finishes for textiles
- Fuel-saving, emission-reducing additives for lubricants


- Light-fast, wash-fast colours for all fibres
- Non-crease, non-stain finishes
- Performance-enhancing agents at every stage from fibre to finished garment


- Food-safe colors for paperboard, plastics and printing inks
- Grease-resistant coatings for paper and paperboard
- Ultraviolet filters in plastic packaging to protect contents
- Oxygen absorbers to maintain freshness
- Ultraviolet curing agents

Home and personal care

- Whitening agents for fabrics
- Hygiene effects for soaps, toothpaste, household cleaners and plastics
- Ultraviolet absorbers for sunscreens
- Texture improving effects for hair and skin care products as well as household cleaners
- Dyes for vibrant hair colour

Paper and printing

- Whiteners for brighter paper
- Deep, rich colour for inks
- Dyes, pigments and polymers for digital printing
- Additives and curing agents for enhanced performance and efficiency in papermaking and printing
- Dispersants to improve performance of pigments and paper additives
- Colour formers and developers for thermal paper


- Colours and protective/flame-retardant additives for architectural and construction plastics
- Colours and protective additives for paints, powder coatings and wood finishes
- Colours and ultraviolet curing agents for cable and wire coatings


- Ultraviolet curing for circuit boards
- Data-storage medium for recordable CDs
- Pigments for liquid-crystal displays
- Curing agents for optical fiber coatings

Water treatment

- Management of water circuits for all industries
- Products to remove solids from water
- Custom designed polymers for application-specific use in water treatment and mineral recovery


- Soil conditioning agents
- Additives for degradable agricultural plastics
- Additives for agricultural film to improve crop quality and productivity

As well as products, Ciba offers a wide range of knowledge-based services and expertise drawn from the Company’s core competencies, providing customers with complete solutions to enhance their businesses. Ciba Expert Services supports such industries as plastics, coatings, printing, textiles, lubricants, paper and water, helping the customers - and the customers’ customers - accelerate time to market, increase productivity, improve product quality and facilitate growth.

Ciba is committed to meeting our responsibilities to the global environment. The company strives to be a good neighbour in all the communities where it operates.

For more information, please visit our website:
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