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CfBT is a leading independent provider of education and training services worldwide.

CfBT, an international not-for-profit education resource management organisation, was founded in 1965. Our annual turnover (£120 million in 2004) is secured by undertaking operations in the education sector, on a commercial basis, for public and private sector clients.

• CfBT employs around 1,200 people worldwide.
• CfBT has always been involved solely in education, in the UK and internationally.
• CfBT is a registered charity, and surpluses made on operational activities are placed in trust to fund educational research and development work. Each year the CfBT Trustees distribute over £1 million in this way.

While CfBT operates as a business and values commercial disciplines as a means of ensuring high levels of performance and accountability, its work is underpinned by an ethical dimension deriving from its corporate values as a leading educational charity.

CfBT was founded as the Centre for British Teachers, to provide English Language Teaching expertise to a range of governments and ministries of education, from Germany to Morocco, Oman, Malaysia and Brunei. English Language Teaching is an important part of our skill set. CfBT has long practical experience of assisting with education development worldwide, which has provided the company with a unique perspective on the full range of issues in the education and training sector. CfBT is able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the needs of education systems, at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, in countries at all stages of economic and social development, including post-conflict.

In the United Kingdom, CfBT is at the leading edge in the implementation of many important educational reforms and is managing several national programmes for learning and skills improvement on behalf of the government. Within the UK, CfBT also provides education advice to a number of local education Authorities, for whom we manage School Improvement Services; outside the UK, CfBT assists Ministries of Education in the development and delivery of education services.

CfBT draws upon a wealth of in-house and associated specialist expertise, as well as leading edge thinking in areas such as education reform, curriculum development, institutional strengthening and policy advice, teacher development, school improvement and educational research and dissemination. Examples of major international projects managed by CfBT include:
• Development of Curriculum Standards and the Implementation of Curriculum Standards for the Government of Qatar. CfBT is undertaking the development of new curriculum standards for English, Arabic, mathematics and science for Qatar schools. CfBT is also managing some of the Government’s new Charter Schools in Qatar as a School Support Organisation.
• Since 1985 CfBT has provided training to assist development of a dual medium English/Malay system in Brunei primary and secondary schools through the provision, support and management of teachers.
• CfBT has worked with the Ministry of Higher Education in the Sultanate of Oman to provide Learning Resource Centre Heads, Computer Instructors and Computer Training for Student Teachers for the Colleges of Education.
• Our Education Sector Support Programme in Rwanda was funded by DFID to assist the Government of Rwanda in the development of a Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) to education policy and planning, leading to reform at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
• Technical Assistance for Education Reform in Bosnia-Herzegovina, funded by the EU, to align the education system with European standards, targeting primary, general secondary and higher education.
• CfBT owns and manages St Andrew's School, Rochester; Oakfield Preparatory School, Dulwich, and is the major shareholder of the International School of Cape Town. We also own and manage four UK nurseries.

CfBT has permanent offices in Brunei, Kenya, India, Malaysia, Oman and the USA.
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