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Capital Link Corp

Capital Link Corp. is fast becoming an innovator of solutions for anyone seeking financing or business solutions locally or internationally. With a global approach to solutions, Capital Link Corp. responds to clients' complex business challenges with seamless solutions across industry sectors and national boundaries.

Our president Tom P. Sottile and our vice president and legal council George Longo LLB, along with a dedicated local and international team comprising of chartered accountants, international lawyers, financial experts, bankers and success-oriented business logistics personnel focus on bringing the right solutions for our valued clients.

Mr Sottile and Mr Longo are highly praised by their peers for their business acumen, innovation, international financing expertise, diligence, proven ability to succeed, attention to detail and above all for their honesty, trustworthiness and reliability.

By intimately understanding each client's business, Capital Link Corp. can convert the client's information into insights that may well uncover hidden opportunities and improve client efficiency and performance. By doing so Capital Link Corp. can assure that the client has been consulted in the best manner and has a wide range of options for access to contracting and projects from governments and private sectors throughout the globe.

Capital Link Corp. has an international network of financial institutions that work hand in hand to provide funds for Capital Link Corp. clients. These financial institutions are internationally recognised and accredited banking institutions, pension fund groups and major international funding corporations.

Capital Link Corp. offers a wide range of specially tailored financing packages for infrastructure and development projects, corporate and commercial mergers, and asset and debt financing with extremely attractive terms and rates (OAC).

Capital Link Corp. aims to be a leader in today's marketplace by providing clients with integrated financial solutions that enhance performance through the synergy of strategy, processes, people and international network. We can also provide businesses with advisory groups that can assist in tackling issues such as direct lobbying to governments, international legal assistance and various other solutions that will give our clients a clear advantage over their competitors.

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