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The role of Bukkehave

At Bukkehave we work hard to meet the automotive needs of one particular target group - international companies and organisations working in developing countries. We accomplish this by providing vehicles with the right specifications to meet the challenging needs of our customers. At the same time, we offer services to keep your vehicles going in even the harshest regions of the world.

The right vehicle

Since Bukkehave has been appointed the authorised global distributor by some of the world’s leading manufacturers, you are able to take advantage of the industry’s largest vehicle portfolio. All makes and models are richly represented whether you need vehicles from stock or delivered from factory production.

Armoured vehicles for maximum protection

Bukkehave keeps a limited inventory of armoured vehicles in stock. Utilising our armouring associates, the specialised technicians can armour almost any vehicle to comply with your specific requirements. Therefore we are able to supply tailor made armoured vehicles that meet your specifications.

Service centres

Bukkehave has strategically located service centres in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo. The service centres are equipped with specialised state-of-the-art tools and equipment, which includes diagnostic tools that offer service checks, repairs and preventive maintenance. Our service centres also offer warranty on repairs and genuine spare parts to assist in fleet management programs and are equipped to meet your specific requests and demands on location.

Ready for delivery within 24 hours

We have a constant supply of over 600 vehicles ready for delivery - gasoline or diesel - right-hand or left-hand.

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