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Business Satellite Solutions LLC    

It is said that most satellite professionals know little about IP networking and most Internet Protocol networking professionals know little about satellite. Business Satellite Solutions is one of few companies well grounded in both technologies.

Business Satellite Solutions specialises in sales of broadband or IP wide area networking (WAN) satellite solutions for enterprise clients. The company does not pursue residential business, but ISPs often use Business Satellite Solutions’ services to distribute Internet access to residential customers via dial-up, DSL, Wireless, etc. Business Satellite Solutions can provide VSAT services that will deliver Internet access, as well as private networks for companies that wish to provide connections to remote branch offices.

Business Satellite Solutions understands the technical issues that affect VPNs, VoIP, Video/IP and business applications over satellite. The company also works with clients who have remote monitoring or SCADA applications, (supervisory control and data acquisition). Many clients are Cyber Cafes and/or WISPs (Wireless ISPs) who resell satellite bandwidth to their own clients.

Business Satellite Solutions provides VSAT solutions throughout most of the world, but with a special emphasis on Africa and the Mid-East. Services are currently being delivered to both military and commercial clients in Iraq. VSAT services in Iraq can be provided on either C-band or Ku satellite beams.

The company focuses on two primary services:

iDirect-enabled services: These are enterprise class, shared broadband satellite services that include a mix of shared and dedicated bandwidth. iDirect’s technology was designed from the ground up specifically to support IP WAN (Wide Area Network) services over satellite. The service includes support for many advanced features not provided by others such as IP routing, TCP Acceleration, CIR, QoS, cRTP header compression, jitter control and more.

In addition to great bandwidth efficiency and performance for PC data, it is one of the few shared broadband satellite solutions that is able to deliver ‘real-time’ data such as VoIP (Voice over IP) and Video/IP reliably and consistently with business class quality. The typical client for iDirect-enabled services will have from 10 to 500 PCs and a handful of VoIP lines. The service is very easy to upgrade, so it is great for new business startups, as the client can increase bandwidth as they grow their business. Commercial services range from 512 Kbps x 64 Kbps up to 4096 x 1024 Kbps. Custom and private network designs are also available.

SCPC or Single Channel Per Carrier is 100 per cent dedicated satellite bandwidth: This network service is not shared and is therefore more expensive, however it is the best solution for many large-scale VoIP gateways, or larger ISP customers. SCPC hardware products typically do not include all the value-added features that iDirect has built into their solution, however Business Satellite Solutions is able to assist clients in obtaining routing, TCP Acceleration, QoS, header compression, VPN and other capabilities through the use of add-on appliances and software modules.

The typical SCPC client for Business Satellite Solutions in Iraq and elsewhere, delivers wholesale VoIP gateway services for international long distance calling in and out of Iraq. SCPC links are also used to directly connect headquarters locations to remote sites for private communications purposes. A wide range of bandwidth options are available.

Business Satellite Solutions works directly with enterprise customers as well as through resellers who can provide value-added services for end-customers.

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