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Bochemie - Chemistry with pure intentions  

The history of Bochemie dates back to the year 1904 when the company Oesterreichisches Chemikalienwerk R. Goldschmidt & Co. Com.Ges. was established. The founders took advantage of a good geographical position of a significant transport junction of the town Bohumín, which is situated in the North-Eastern industrial part of the Czech Republic rich in raw materials.

Focusing on a wide range of specialised chemical products has ensured a long-term and practically uninterrupted prosperity of the company. Saccharin and Aspirin are only some of the products that have made the company famous and were sold worldwide. During the 1920s, when the world was experiencing a boom of Saccharine produced in Bohumín, the company also started its disinfecting programme with two significant products; Chloramine B and Chloramine T. Since that time, the two have always been produced and exported worldwide up to the present time.

During the post-war years, the production programme focused on the development and production of the most modern inorganic chemical substances, electrochemical materials and accumulator masses, semi-conducting silicon and extremely pure gasses used for microelectronics. Later, production of FEROPUR (materials for the surface treatment of metals) and SAVO (cleaning and disinfecting line) was added.

A new era for Bochemie started in 1991 when it became an independent private company fully owned by Czech stakeholders. Bochemie also owns stakes in more than ten subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Poland.

Product portfolio
Nowadays, Bochemie belongs to the leading companies in the Czech and Slovak Republics as well as to the world recognised companies and leaders in the particular market segments.

The product portfolio consists of five major product groups:

Disinfectants - Disinfection and cleaning programme for healthcare, food industry and agriculture
- Disinfection of potable water
- Washing and disinfection of skin and hands
- Disinfection of instruments
- Disinfection of surfaces and spatial disinfection
- Disinfection and cleaning of piping systems
- Animal skin disinfection
- Cow teats (mammary gland) disinfection

Fungicides - Protection of wood and building materials against biological corrosion
- Antifungal protection
- Protection against wood-decay caused by fungi and insects

Consumer goods - Household cleaning and disinfection programme
- Bleaches
- Disinfection of surfaces
- WC disinfection and protection
- Cleaning agents
- Purging of drains
- Antifungal products

Surface treatment of metals
- Technological solutions, machinery for the surface treatment of metals (pickling lines and hot galvanising plants)
- Environmental facilities – regeneration etc.
- Products for the descaling of stainless steels - FEROPUR

Electrochemical power sources - Materials for NiCd and NiFe accumulators
- Technological consultancy and production of machinery and equipment for NiCd battery producers
- Active positive and active negative masses for accumulators
- Nickelhydroxide and Nickel Sulphate
- Perforated electrode strips for collectors
- Electrode plates

R&D and quality control
Being a holder of ISO 9001:2001 Quality Certificate, CE Certificate for Medical Aids and Responsible Care Certificate (responsible enterprise in chemical industry) ensures that all of the company´s production is always of a high quality. The company tests all raw material deliveries in its own laboratories and the final products are put on the market only after thorough analysis and final testing. Bochemie also has its own R&D department covering developmental needs of the wide product portfolio as well as the needs of technological innovations. The company´s chief aim is customer satisfaction and high-quality products and services.

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