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BG Group - A Global Natural Gas Business

BG Group is a leading player in global gas and oil with operations in over 20 countries spanning five continents. Based in the UK, we explore for, develop and distribute natural gas and oil to existing and developing markets around the world. In 2003 BG Group produced 428,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day and 2.8 million tonnes of equity liquefied natural gas (LNG) throughout the year.

Our core skills include:

- Exploration and production
- Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
- Transmission and distribution
- Power generation

BG Group is a cost leader in exploration and production, with an enviable track record of reserves replacement, project delivery and operational excellence. We have built a rapidly growing LNG business, focused on the markets of Europe and North America and are now the leading supplier of LNG to the US market.

Middle East


BG has been an important participant in Egypt for more than 15 years. Today BG has significant exploration and production interests in the Rosetta and West Delta deep marine areas, where we have an unparalleled record of exploration success. This is coupled with exciting LNG export plans and a franchise with exclusive rights to develop and serve the domestic Egyptian market.


BG is the largest producer of gas in Tunisia, satisfying 60 per cent of domestic demand from our Miskar field. In addition to this, BG and the Tunisian government are developing the 500 MW Barca Power Project.


In 2000 BG made a major gas discovery in the Gaza marine field offshore Palestine and is currently pursuing trading opportunities back to the occupied territories.

BG Group also has significant experience in oil development and production. In Kazakhstan, where it has been working for more than a decade, BG Group is the joint operator of the giant Karachaganak oil field. Using its expertise BG has undertaken a major field rehabilitation exercise, stemming production decline and improving the environmental and safety performance of the facilities. In 2001, BG announced the Buzzard oil discovery holding more than 500 million barrels of oil, making it one of the largest oil discoveries in the North Sea for 10 years.

We are committed to developing relations with governments, national oil companies and local businesses in our host countries. We are particularly aware of company responsibilities to local communities, promoting education and environment initiatives throughout our assets. As a result, BG Group delivers industry leading performance in all operations.

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