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Bernardi Impianti International S.p.A.

Bernardi Impianti International S.p.A. is a company leader in the construction of bituminous conglomerate plants. The company is located in the province of Milan and has 50 years of activity. The founder, Riccardo Bernardi, constructed the first plant in 1952. Currently there are approximately 600 Bernardi plants operating all over the world.

Bernardi, by virtue of its more advanced technologies, long lasting experience, studies and researches, and the ways in which it has invested profits, has for some years undertaken trading activities in the more difficult foreign markets, where the company has to compete with the best German, UK, American and Japanese producers.

The results obtained have been remarkable, if we consider that today Bernardi is present with its own offices, joint ventures, agents and dealers in Russia, China, Turkey, Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe and Central America.

Bernardi Impianti International S.p.A. today belongs to an international holding company that annually invoices for approximately $50 million, has 200 employees and is in a position to plan and construct personalised plants for any particular customer’s requirements.

Bernardi does not neglect research, investing remarkable levels of capital in the development of technologies and devices that improve the quality of the product, that reduce the production costs and slow down the emissions of the plants. Many of these are among the latest patents in the field.

Bernardi does not neglect the quality of its products, both in design - using 3d computer design software, UNI EN ISO 9001: 1994 qualified - or in operation - the VISION 2000 qualification offers unanimous acknowledgement of the great robustness and reliability of its plants.

Bernardi plants can be fixed and mobile, with continuous or discontinuous production, all designed with state-of-the-art techniques of calculation and technology, with productivity ranging from 50 to 400 tons per hour. All are managed by high reliability computers connected for the remote assistance with the company's technical departments.

Bernardi has organised a commercial network of local offices in order to improve its after-sale service and increase the already great confidence of its customers.

Currently the commercial network’s geographic distribution is from the following offices:

North Italy commercial office - Milan
Middle Italy commercial office - Rome
South Italy commercial office - Naples

Representative offices are located in:
- Beijing
- Warsawa
- Cuba
- London
- Hong Kong
- Lugano (Switzerland)

The company has agencies in:
- Turkey
- Egypt
- United Arab Emirates
- India
- Portugal
- Israel
- Eritrea
- Bulgary

Joint ventures have been established in:
- Russia
- Poland
- Nicaragua
- China
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