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Bayer Healthcare, Business Group Diagnostics

Bayer Healthcare is a rapidly growing division of Bayer AG. The healthcare division currently consists of pharmaceuticals, consumer care, animal health and diagnostics. Bayer Healthcare employs 35,000 people worldwide.

Bayer Diagnostics has a successful and extensive business base in the Middle East. This business is managed by its MERA group in Newbury, UK.

Bayer has brought innovation to healthcare diagnostics for over 50 years. We continue to produce products and services to meet your needs for today and anticipate your needs in the future.

Bayer continually develops new and exciting ways of delivering diagnostic information.

Bayer is a leading diagnostic healthcare solution provider for all your needs from the central laboratory, through point of care testing environments to patient self-testing.

Bayer Diagnostics Professional Testing Division can offer systems and services to solve your problems in Immunodiagnostics with it’s world leading “Advia Centaur” and “ACS 180 SE” chemiluminescence based systems. These systems offer a comprehensive assay menu covering the following assay groups: Thyroid Function; Fertility; Oncology; Therapeutic Drug Monitoring; Anaemia, Cardiac; Allergy, Infectious Disease; Diabetes and other innovative markers.

We can offer a wide range of solutions for routine clinical chemistry diagnostics with its “Advia 1200/ 1650/ 2400” range of clinical chemistry analysers.

Our haematology product range offers unmatched technology through the “Advia” range of automated haematology analysers which includes the “Advia 60/ 70/ 120/ 2120” systems, offering a solution to most sizes of laboratory and test throughputs.

Bayer Diagnostics has also a proven capability to provide fully automated solutions for the high throughput diagnostics laboratory.

Our Near Patient Testing product range offers market leading Blood Gas, Electrolyte and Metabolyte Analysis solutions. The “Rapidlab” and “Rapidpoint” product ranges offer a wide choice of solutions. The “Clinitek” range of systems and “Multistix” range of test strips offer solutions to routine urine chemistry analysis problems in a cost effective manner in any testing environment.

The Bayer Diagnostics “DCA 2000” Haemaglobin A1C analyser is an essential feature of a successful diabetic patient monitoring programme.

Bayer Diagnostics has responded to the worldwide concern of infectious disease by developing its “Quantiplex 340” analytical system and “Versant” assay range of Nucleic Acid Diagnostics tools.

Bayer Diagnostics can offer qualitative and quantitative assays for HIV; HBV; HCV viral load thus offering a comprehensive solution for patient monitoring. “Trugene” and LiPA products offer genotyping capability.

Bayer Diagnostics Self Testing division, through its 'Ascensia' product range, offers diabetes patients user friendly options to monitor their own blood glucose levels and work with their physicians to keep their diabetes in control and enjoy improved quality of life. The 'Ascensia' range offers a product to suit any lifestyle.


Bayer Diagnostics is committed to making a positive difference to human health, daily.

  Bayer products stand for safety and comfort.
  We believe in tomorrow.
  We have the expertise to help shape the future.
  We acknowledge our responsibility to protect life and the environment. For the generations yet to come.
  Bayer: expertise with responsibility.
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