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BACTEC is a specialist explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and landmine clearance company established in 1991 and has developed a full range of services which cover all aspects of ordnance investigation, clearance and mine action. To date BACTEC has carried out EOD/Mine Action in some 28 countries and have been instrumental in the clearance and verification of over 8,000,000 sqm of land. Although the services are structured to meet the specific requirements of any assignment, the general range of services provided includes the following:

- EOD/mine action consultancy
- Threat assessments and risk assessments
- Non intrusive and intrusive survey on land and underwater
- Target investigation and clearance on land and underwater
- Level 1 and 2 (impact and technical) surveys
- Landmine clearance
- Post conflict clearance
- Small ammunition disposal
- Quality assurance
- Rapid response EOD teams
- Land quality statements
- Explosive ordnance safety and awareness briefings
- Mines risk education
- Training area/range clearance
- Demilitarisation
- Project management

BACTEC offers comprehensive explosive ordnance and mine action services and can undertake stand alone aspects of a project/mine action campaigns.

Safety is of paramount importance in all BACTEC operations. Task specific procedures (SOPs) are developed and written for each clearance operation taking into account local technical safety guidelines (TSGs) and IMAS requirements. These reflect the target mines/ordnance, the local conditions and any other information that may be necessary for the safety of the operators and to ensure only the highest quality of work is produced. BACTEC works to IMAS and has IMSMA trained staff.
BACTEC has undertaken all aspects of mine action programmes.

The main features are:
- Mines risk education (MRE)
- Impact and technical survey (Level 1 and 2)
- Clearance operations typically require a combination of: Manual clearance teams (MCT), Mine detection dog teams (MDD), Mechanical equipment (MECH). Typically the provision of a clearance operation can be achieved in one of two ways:
- By deploying fully trained mine clearance teams to the ground so that after initial in-theatre training they are able to embark on clearance operations as determined by the appropriate authority.
- Providing team leaders and management so that local de-mining teams can be trained and then deployed under ex-pat management. This is a cost effective option and provides the country with a national capability that can be developed should there be a long term requirement for mine clearance resources.
- Additionally BACTEC provides training of local resources as deminers, submunition or area clearance operators. BACTEC employs suitably qualified and experienced local medics, logistics and support staff. It is BACTEC’s policy to recruit train and accredit local personnel as deminers and Explosive Ordnance searchers wherever practicable.
- We also engage local medics, drivers and admin staff.

Quality assurance/control
BACTEC is accredited to ISO EN 9001:2000 specifically for EOD services including de-mining and training, we are therefore very well placed to carry out QA monitoring and auditing of mine clearance operations to ensure either our clearance or that of a third party is effected to the correct standard.

Programme management
BACTEC staff have been responsible for initiating, setting up and running major mine and ordnance clearance projects since 1980, in addition to routine area clearance/demilitarisation tasks.

Mine clearance equipment
BACTEC staff have significant experience in a number of theatres. As a result we are directly involved with manufacturers and R&D establishments in the development of electronic instruments as well as mechanical equipment for vegetation removal, constructing access roads, countering deep mines and sifting soil.

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