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atrexx Global Capacity & Facility Exchange  

atrexx Global Capacity & Facility Exchange (atrexx) is a key solution provider for the telecommunications and broadcast industries, with strong focus on satellite communications. Offerings include Internet via Satellite, Voice Communication, Corporate Networks as well as Radio and TV via Satellite services.

The privately owned company with headquarters in Remagen, South of Bonn, Germany's former capital, was established at the beginning of 2002 by experienced professionals of the telecommunications and broadcasting industries. atrexx is an associate member of the Global VSAT Forum (GVF). In addition, atrexx operates an online market exchange platform which offers a neutral and independent arena for both buyers and sellers of telecommunications and broadcast resources.

IP via Satellite and Broadcast Services

atrexx delivers complete end-to-end communications solutions for services such as the Internet, voice, data and images broadcast. We support our customers in all stages of a project, from network design to the ongoing management of global networks. atrexx currently serves several hundred customers, including commercial and industrial enterprises as well as governmental institutions and military bodies, in more than 35 countries. The focus is on Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America - the most rapidly growing communications markets in the world.

VSAT Hardware Distribution

As a one-stop enabler, atrexx supplies also sophisticated hardware for VSAT and broadcast services, to countries world-wide. The distributed equipment includes VSAT antennas, electronics sets, satellite modems, transmitters, cable sets and VoIP gateways and routers. All equipment originates from leading manufacturers and is readily available from stock in Germany.

Exchange Platform & Web Portal

atrexx provides also services through our portal-style Internet platform. Subscribers of the exchange service can post offers of spare capacity and other resources, such as production facilities, or ask for such resources. atrexx' trading platform is a neutral and independent arena for buyers and sellers in the telecommunications and broadcasting industry.

Mission Statement

- To support players in the broadcast and telecommunications industries with a strong value proposition
- To delight customers by surpassing regularly their level of expectation
- To place the highest priority on the quality of products and services
- To improve continuously the price-performance ratio of the proposed solutions

For more information, please visit our website:
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