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Astran Cargo Services Ltd    

Astran Cargo Services Ltd is your provider of freight services to Iraq by overland truck, sea and air. Astran also provides a freight forwarding and overland trucking operation to the Gulf States, Turkey and Iran.

Overland express truck

Founded in 1963, Astran pioneered the overland routes to the East, when the only signposts the drivers had were the stars! Few companies in the trucking business can boast that the BBC made a three hour documentary of their exploits in the 1970s which is still fondly recalled by many people today. The experience gained in these unique markets was invaluable and permeates Astran to this day. Indeed, many of today’s operational staff were involved during those pioneering days. However demanding your timescale or complex your problem, we have the skills and experience to help.

Astran has offices in the UK and Qatar. We are highly experienced and proficient in the documentation and legal compliance required to transit the countries en route to Iraq. Additionally, we can provide all documentation for banking and customs requirements.

We have direct contact with the vehicles whilst en route.

Our trucking service offers a cost effective alternative to air freight. It is particularly suited to heavy and awkwardly shaped items used in construction, water and petrochemical refining. Direct Trucking offers the benefit of the freight being loaded at the dispatch point and avoiding trans-shipment until final delivery.

Transit time to the Iraq border is approximately 10-11 days. Onward delivery times are dependent on the local security situation.

Before the first Iraq war, Astran was a major logistics provider from Europe to Iraq. We carried air conditioning equipment, road marking materials and general building materials.

Trucking to Iraq is the ideal solution for the movement of a wide range of goods and equipment that will be required in the rebuilding of Iraq.


Our seafreight services go by sea to Aqaba and then by road to Baghdad. Transit times are approximately 20 days to Aqaba, with transhipment and onward delivery adding 7 to 10 days to the journey.


Airfreight services are available to Baghdad subject to the security situation.

Our philosophy

Our staff will spend time with you to try and work out the very best way to solve your logistics problems. With the experience of more than 1 million deliveries, we know what it takes to deliver freight safely and reliably in the Middle East. We know the terrain, seasons for sand – storms or ice and snow, customs and local restrictions and are experts in planning the fastest, safest, most economical route to meet your needs.

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