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Angali Shipping & Trading Co Ltd    

Angali Shipping & Trading Co Ltd is an English registered company registration # 1148798. (ASTL) has been established and operating since 1978. We are members of the London Baltic Shipping and Mercantile Exchange and of the London Chamber of Commerce, membership # C250501.

Since 1980 ASTL has been very active in the supply of equipment, spare parts and chemicals to West Africa, North Africa, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern markets. Although we cater to the needs of all industries in these markets, ASTL specialises in supplies to the oil and gas, petrochemical and construction and allied industries.

We specialise in the supply of:

• Air conditioning equipment and spares: We have long standing and close connections with Carrier International and are an appointed accredited premier export dealer for Carrier, Toshiba-Carrier, York International, White Westinghouse, Electrolux, Trane and numerous other major manufacturers. This includes equipment manufactured in China and Korea.

• Hazardous/explosion proof equipment: We supply full range of air conditioning equipment and other electrical equipment which is used in hazardous areas such as gas plant zones etc. This equipment can also be modified for corrosive atmospheric conditions such as H2S and treated accordingly.

• Catering equipment/domestic appliances: Manufacturers Hobart, Garland, Electrolux, WCI White Westinghouse, Speed Queen, Moffat and other major USA/European/Far East manufacturers.

• Marine equipment: With our connections via the Baltic Shipping & Mercantile Exchange we have access for purchasing and selling of all types of ocean going vessels, tugs, tankers, harbour craft etc. We source these vessels from worldwide connections.

We are able to supply all types of services pertaining to servicing harbours, harbour facilities, port handling equipment, navigational equipment, mooring buoys, fenders, cargo handling equipment etc.

• Construction/building equipment and construction equipment: We have been extremely active in the supply of material for the referenced listing, sourcing from worldwide manufacturers/distributors. This includes building materials, steel products and related products, internal fittings for industrial buildings and commercial buildings. This includes tiles, full sanitary fittings, bathroom fittings, water heaters, electrical cable and fittings for same. We have very good connections with Caterpillar, Kenworth, Dodge , Kato, Komatsu, Grove, Cole Cranes for earth moving equipment and for road manufacturing/repair. This includes spare parts for this type of equipment.

• Valve and valve fittings: We supply valves and fittings in Stainless Steel, Carbon, Inconel-Alloy, Chrome-Alloy etc. from a range of major US, UK and Italian manufacturers.

• Turbines, general and engine components: We supply these items using a wide range of US, European and Far Eastern manufacturers.

• Pipe, pipe fittings and industrial monitoring equipment: A wide range of seamless and welded tube, Pipe and pipefittings in stainless steel, carbon-alloy, chrome-alloy, nickel-alloy, aluminium, bronze etc. are supplied by us. We also supply oil and gas line cleaning equipment manufactured by T.D. Williamson, Sun Engineering, Uraflex, FH Maloney who are leaders in this field.

• Pumps and pump spares: We use US, UK and European manufacturers to supply these items to the industry.

• Instrumentation/meters: We supply digital analog instruments, analytical instruments, electric and testing instruments, flow meters, gas meters and steam meters.

• Switches/regulators/controllers: We supply frequency regulators, gas regulators, pressure regulators, voltage regulators, temperature regulators, filter regulators, power switches, flow switches, pressure switch and process controllers.

• Gauges: We supply calibration and repairing gauges, liquid level gauges, force gauges, oil gauges, measuring gauges and pressure gauges.

• Electrical generators and other electrical components/consumables: We regularly supply these items, manufactured by leaders in the field, to our clients.

• Drilling fluids and additives: We have been supplying water/oil-based drilling fluid additives, acidation/workover/completion additives/commercial chemicals/cementation additives and speciality production chemicals into Middle East and Venezuelan markets.

• Water treatment/desalination/reverse osmosis: We can supply full equipment, membranes and spares for the above type of equipment using membranes manufactured by: Koch, Filmtec, Hydranautics, Desal, Trisap and Toray among many others.

• Lubricants/oils/greases. We supply full range products produced by Shell, Exxon-Mobile and other major manufacturers.

• Commodities: We can supply the following: meat, poultry, barley, rice, flour, pulses, cooking oil, sugar, coffee and tea.

The above is a small selection of our regular supply to our clients apart from the items listed above we also supply: compressors, steel products, commercial and industrial appliances, lubricants/greases, tyres and a host of other items to the industry.

ASTL prices are quoted on both FOB and CIF basis and shipment is effected from worldwide points either through our in-house shipping division or through our appointed freight forwarders.

We have our own warehouse where cargo is consolidated, checked and packed in accordance with the client’s instructions.

Angali has been successful due to its ability to react to its clients needs by speedy sourcing and shipping of all materials. Angali recognises its client’s urgent requirements and owes much of its success to its work together and keeping the client closely informed policy. All clients are sent a weekly status report on all orders and are advised of the factual situation at all times.
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