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Al-Amnelkhass Group (AMK)    

Al-Amnelkhass (AMK) Group originated from a joint venture between Arab Orient Group of Kuwait and Genric Security Ltd of the UK. Through its constituent companies, AMK has been working throughout Iraq for almost two years supporting a range of clients with business services and security.

AMK’s management team contains former British military and CPA personnel with many years experience of working in the Middle East. Our policy is to recruit high calibre local Iraqi personnel and train them to an advanced standard using western instructors with special forces backgrounds or similar. These instructors then supervise the security teams during client tasks. In Iraq, we have a secure operations base outside Basra covering some 4,000 square metres, which can provide accommodation, medical support, vehicle storage and business facilities for our visiting clients. The base provides easy access to the Kuwait border, Basra city and airport, Umm Qasr port and Route Tampa.

Our success in Iraq has been partly due to our strategy of forming close relationships with local businesses and political figures, as well as employing carefully selected and trained personnel from the local community under the supervision of western experts. The result has been a great deal of cooperation and goodwill which has allowed us to operate very effectively, at prices our clients can afford.

Our client list is continually growing, but already includes major organisations from throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East, CPA and officials from UK/US/Iraqi government departments.

PSD security teams

Personnel who are to be employed as close protection officers undergo an assessment phase before being trained to a high standard in line with UK special forces standards. Refreshment training is conducted at regular intervals in order to maintain skills and efficiency. Personal equipment and vehicles can be changed to suit the tactical environment and clients’ requirements. Vehicles are equipped with medical kits, breakdown equipment and communication/navigation systems.

Convoy protection

AMK has extensive experience of escorting convoys throughout Iraq. From single trucks to 20-vehicle groups and a variety of cargoes, we have never lost a cargo, truck or individual, despite operating in some of the most hazardous areas of the country. Our team leaders have the knowledge, experience and support from our operations HQ to ensure, as much as possible, the safety and security of any convoy.

For high value cargoes, additional security officers can be supplied to travel in clients’ convoy vehicles.

Facility security

AMK can provide security of facility assets, security of materiel being moved and force protection of personnel, coordinated so that adequate security is provided commensurate with the security environment and threat level.

This is achieved by working in conjunction with all other organisations on site to ensure the camp facility has physical security protective measures and security procedures that are consistent with the facility design and integrated as is reasonably practicable into the overall facility security plan.

Camp construction and maintenance

AMK has built a camp facility in southern Iraq for a US contractor. AMK won the contract against strong competition and successfully achieved all targets for delivery, quality and within budget. Initial occupation was within two weeks and full completion within one month using a core team of specialist engineers and a large number of local labour. Specialist lifting equipment was transported from Kuwait under armed AMK escort.
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