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Al Thinayyan Group    

In the early 60's, the company began as a small typical inland freight transportation firm owned and managed by the group's current president.

During the giant development programs undertaken by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the mid 70's, the company showed an enormous growth and was proud to participate in the diverse development plans of the Kingdom.

With total commitment to quality and reliability in all its products and services, the group is currently operating in diverse activities such as healthy water bottling and distribution, metal works, plastic compounding, chemicals factory, agriculture and livestock, construction, real estate development and marketing, crusher plants supplying base, coarse sub base and rock fill materials, sports wear and fitness and health club equipment.

The group presently has extensive international agent offices in the US, Europe and Far East facilitating its international business contacts and executing its trading transactions with countries around the globe.

With a proud history of over 35 years in business and accumulated experience powered by the dedication and hard work, Al Thinayyan Holding Group is making rapid advance towards sharing the fruits of the 21st century with long range strategies for the next century.

One of the major companies in Al Thinayyan Group is Al Qassim Health Water which is considered the market leader in Bottled Water business in Saudi Arabia; it is estimated to control 25 per cent of the market share in the Kingdom. This is had been achieved through conducting market research regularly and develops customer relation management (CRM) to identify customer’s requirements and seeking to fulfill these requirements to obtain customer satisfaction.

Al Qassim Health Water had build its reputation on product quality by using the best means of sanitation and water treatment which it is supervised by a very professional and qualified engineers and technicians that have high productive credentials in this field in presenting products in accordance with Saudi and internationals specification.

Al Qassim Health Water began actual production in 1983 with a modest capacity of one million liter of bottled water and just two kinds of water packing and through developing its products and marketing strategies it expand to reach a capacity of 250 million liter of bottled water and 15 kinds of different packing of bottled water using the latest production technology available in this field.

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