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Alpine Drinks    

Alpine Drinks is the only purified bottled water manufacturer in Iraq, with production facilities located in Kadumiya – 30 miles North of Baghdad. With our multiple-barrier filtration – and no addition of chemicals - we make sure to produce the very best water - meeting or exceeding the quality standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) Codex Alimentarius, and produced in a facility complying with the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) Model Code.

Constant superior quality - no matter the variations at the source
The heart of the purification system is the Reverse Osmosis (RO) – the only process capable of guaranteeing purity of the end product by pumping water at very high pressure through a series of membranes. The membranes used by Alpine Drinks have very high filtering properties. For example, they will filter out 100 per cent of solids, and over 99.5 per cent of bacteria and viruses. They will also remove any traces of chemicals like pesticides and herbicides, as well as mercury or other contaminants that may appear in water sources.

Pre-RO treatment
RO is an extremely powerful barrier against contaminants. But we go the extra mile to make sure Alpine water will be pure and safe to drink. Before we even start processing with RO, water is passed through Activated Carbon, several Micro filters, as well as a Softener before being exposed to ultra violet (UV) light.

The carbon filter will absorb organics, sulfides, chromates and any chlorine. The micro filters will remove all sediments and particulates down to 10 micron. The softner will bring the pH level of water to under pH 6. The UV light will destroy any microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. That is before the RO process even starts.

Post-RO treatment
After going through the above described multi-barrier filters, Alpine water is then stored in a special food grade tank where it is ozonated and again exposed to UV light before going to the filling line for bottling and packaging.

Ozone is a clear gas made of three single oxygen molecules linked together. Like chlorine, ozone is a strong disinfectant – but unlike chlorine, ozone leaves no chemical residual. Over time, Ozone reverts back to oxygen and dissipates in water. Even though the chances of bacteria growth from the moment Alpine water is produced and the moment bottles are filled are virtually non-existent, Ozone is capable of inactivating any bacteria that may have developed.

Alpine Water is then again exposed to UV light before going to the filling line and into the food grade PET (Poly Ethylene Terepthalate) bottle manufactured in our facilities, from imported resins sourced where Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other household names are being supplied.

Final processing
For traceability purposes, at the end of the production cycle, each bottle is marked with a code that will allow tracing it back to a specific production batch should the need arise.

Alpine purified water is sampled and tested all along the production cycle and visually inspected before final conditioning in shrink wrapped sixpacks, conveniently fitted with a carrying handle.

At Alpine Drinks, we have used the production standards and technology from the medical and pharmaceutical industry to bring you Alpine purified water - the purest, healthiest and safest water possible for you to enjoy.

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