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Alpha Sim Technology, Inc.    

Alpha Sim Technology, Inc. (Alpha Sim) was incorporated in June of 1991. Its founder had extensive experience in the fields of mathematical modeling and simulation of different process systems. Typical application of our company’s expertise is in developing virtual reality software for chemical plant operations, nuclear power plants, aerospace, and traffic control (airways, roadways, waterways).

Since it’s founding, the company has experienced a continuous growth in customer base, manpower, office space, computer equipment and software and total yearly revenues. At this time Alpha Sim Technology's officers and staff have over one hundred years of cumulative experience in the fields of process simulation and modeling, DCS configuration and interfaces, and operator training systems.

Alpha Sim has provided services to in different industries such as refinery, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and utilities. The experience to the private and public sector includes the following:

- Simulations and modeling
- Training services
- System integration
- Computer programming
- Network administration
- Web development
- Web hosting
- E-commerce site development
- Database management

In 1999 Alpha Sim was awarded to provide computer based training services by the Texas Department of Transportation for the Technical Assistance Program. Recently Alpha Sim was awarded a web development project by the Texas State Office of Court Administration.

Our core strengths are over 25 years of experience in database management, dynamic simulation modeling, process controls, operator training, web development, and systems analysis. Our expertise is in modeling and simulation and we can adapt it for many different areas.

Alpha Sim Technology has used and developed applications DB2 and IDMS databases on the mainframe. We have used ACCESS extensively and SQL Server 200 in the client server and web environments for various clients. We are also trained in the use of Oracle, Oracle Forms and PL/SQL. We have participated actively on technical user groups comprising of Oil & Gas user groups to migrate indexed file software systems for the TOW (The Oilfield Workstation) production accounting system to a relational database system on the Oracle platform.

Alpha Sim Technology's micro-simulation models have been used routinely by petrochemical industry for more than 10 years to provide a sound foundation for decisions that affect the production and environmental policies of a specific plant. These models, which run on personal computers, are now playing an important role in helping industry weigh different approaches to conform to the regulatory compliance.

The regulatory compliance from environmental protection Agency and OSHA has provided standards to meet the environmental and safety compliance for the industry. The micro-simulation models, which are part of the Alpha Sim Technology’s management interface analyse the economic impact on the industry and provide guidelines to meet the regulatory compliance without jeopardising profitability of the operation.

These micro-simulation models can be used in the other application such as transportation, education, social services, and other applications where regulatory restrictions, risks, profitability and other social factors are required in the decision making process.

Alpha Sim Technology, Inc. has an experienced technical staff of project managers and systems analysts to handle a wide variety of programming applications and the contacts to bring in outside expertise should the need arise in particular areas. Resumes can be provided of staff that will work on particular projects and applications.

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