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Al Khaleejiah Advertising & Public Relations Company is the exclusive worldwide media representative for the Saudi Research & Publishing Company. Worldwide representative offices allow advertisers to clearly target their promotional requirements for the Arab world in this continuously evolving media environment.

Established in 1972, the Saudi Research & Publishing Company is now one of the biggest publishers of International Arabic titles, anywhere in the world.

The company now publishes 15 titles covering the complete spectrum from daily newspapers to weekly and monthly magazines. Asharq Al Awsat is the leading international colour daily Arab newspaper (239,671*) and is published in London, printed in full colour and distributed across four continents. Not only available throughout the Middle East, it can be found in the US, UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, Tunisia, Portugal, Denmark, Austria Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Slovakia, Thailand, Russia, Egypt and North Africa every morning, every day of the week – the only Arabic newspaper to do this.

Other London published titles include:
Sayidaty – the leading weekly magazine for women – (137,215)
Al Jamila – the leading monthly magazine for young women – (75,016)
Al Majalla - the leading weekly news magazine – (88,950)
Hia – the leading monthly magazine for affluent Arab women – (44,739)
Arrajol - the leading monthly magazine for affluent Arab men – (38,287)
Sayidaty Fashion – The catalogue for women of style – (65,080)

Saudi Research & Publishing has also maintained its development at home in the Kingdom with publications including:
Arab News - the leading English national daily newspaper – (50,693)
Arriyadiah – the leading daily sports newspaper – (115,509)
Aalam Alriadah – the newspaper of prime sports events – (72,704)
Al Eqtisadiah – the national business daily newspaper – (82,899)
Urdu News – The leading Urdu daily newspaper – (56,763)
Urdu Magazine – the leading Urdu magazine in the arab world – (26,010)
Malayalam News – the leading Malayalam daily published outside India – (38,432)
Basim – the weekly magazine for 8-15 year olds – (30,501).

SRPC has shown its adaptability in the face of the ever-changing communications environment and is developing with the times. Not only publishing 15 major titles, it is now heavily committed to electronic channels of publishing. For instance, Asharq Al Awsat Online (, is an award winning website that attracts some half a million page impressions daily. With web usage increasing every day, in particular in the Middle East, this development for SRPC is another step forward to increase its leadership in the Saudi Arabian publishing world. Arab News ( is another well visited website.

As the media world is developing, SRPC is keeping up with these changes, with Al Khaleejiah Advertising & Public Relations Company ( - as the company's exclusive worldwide media representative - offering constant support.

SRPC is a part of the Saudi Research & Marketing Group. The group’s interests have expanded to include information systems and technology, electronic communications, Internet, printing, distribution, public relations and media brokerage. SRMG is the fastest growing group in the region and has made a significant contribution to the rapid expansion of the media and communication market throughout the Middle East.

The Saudi Research & Publishing Company is committed to serving the needs of the Arab world throughout the 21st century by innovation, technique and value for money.

*ABC net sales January to June 2003
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