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AKE Limited    

AKE Limited was founded in 1991 to provide specialist risk services to businesses, non-government organisations and the media. The company provides a wide and integrated range of services, training, equipment and technology.

AKE's strength originates from the considerable skills and experience of our staff. We come from a number of international professional backgrounds, including law, medicine, information technology, travel, law enforcement, editorial, graphic design, banking, academia and special forces. AKE’s multi-disciplinary composition gives us the advantage of flexibility and affords us a unique ability to rapidly respond to a variety of situations and accommodate any operational, analytical or technical task. AKE offers a bespoke and complete service to organisations operating in risk-presenting locations.

A leader in international political and security risk reduction, AKE provides a range of specialised services that empower businesses and organisations to protect their staff and their assets. AKE was the first company in the world to design and deliver surviving hostile regions - our signature safety course specifically for personnel working in conflict zones.

AKE has gone on to play a stronger support role for businesses, and in addition to training provides specialist risk and security intelligence, medical training, equipment and body armour, a 24-hour response line, armoured vehicles and the services of specialist safety coordinators.

AKE also provides onsite security and risk analysts to the insurance industry, largely through Lloyds of London, which has given the syndicate a competitive edge in more accurately judging risk and protecting its financial assets.

AKE has been operational in Iraq since February 2003 and has opened a Baghdad office to better serve its Iraq-based clients. The office, the company’s fifth, provides a range of security and medical services which are available on a non-contractual or ad hoc basis to organisations which may wish to retain AKE on an occasional or per project basis. AKE Baghdad is managed by a full-time AKE member of staff, who is also an experienced security risk specialist.

Services include:

24/7 Baghdad hotline
Clients have 24-hour access to AKE’s Baghdad manager to provide immediate advice, and as appropriate, to direct assistance in the case of a threat or medical emergency. Clients have access to AKE Baghdad personnel through cell, Thuraya, Iridium and landline phones, and a specific physical location/safe haven.

Location security audits
AKE Baghdad provides residence and office site security surveys, and can provide security enhancements and equipment.

Security risk specialists
AKE Baghdad can provide experienced security risk specialists to accompany personnel on travel within Iraq, by the day or on a long-term basis.

Medical emergency and evacuation plan support
AKE will support clients’ medical evacuation plans if they are activated via the Baghdad hotline. Clients can also receive expert emergency medical advice and assistance by contacting AKE’s 24/7 hotline.

Medical audits
AKE Baghdad can conduct a survey of medical equipment needs for residence, office and travel, and will acquire necessary equipment as requested.

Medical and emergency plan development
AKE will develop specific medical and other emergency plans for specific journeys and associated tasks as requested.

Medical training for local and expatriate staff
AKE Baghdad provides first aid training for expatriate and Iraqi employees, in Baghdad or a suitable transit country, including both initial and refresher training.

Defensive driver training for Iraqi staff
AKE Baghdad provides training to Iraqi drivers in defensive driving and first aid.

Iraq Security Briefing
AKE’s dedicated twice-weekly Iraq Security Briefing is provided to Baghdad clients, with further customised security and intelligence reports available upon request. These products focus on actionable, tactical safety and security information as well as strategic intelligence.

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